Letter to Khadija: Father wey write viral letter to im pikin dem kidnap at two years tok about im pain

November 16, 2016 na unforgettable day for Umar Sulaiman and im wife Amina because na last day dem see dia two-year-old daughter Khadija in di last five years.

Di father wey write tribute letter to im daughter wey go viral on social media recently tell BBC Pidgin say di pain still dey fresh for im and im wife mind and dem dey cry everyday.

For inside di letter, Sulaiman write: “Di last 5 years dey tough for us as a family without you but we dey hope say God go touch di hearts of pipo wey kidnap you so dat one day dem go set you free.” Dis na wetin part of di letter read.

Sulaiman letter wey catch many pipo attention for social media dey tok about how dem dey miss her as family and still dey hope say one day dem go re-unite.

Suleiman tell BBC say di pain of di disappearance of im daughter still fresh for im famil mind.

“Di pain still dey fresh and strong like say na today e happun, di loss of Khadija constantly dey on me and my wife mind.”

“I dey always tink of my last moment with her wen she hug me tight and tell me bye bye as I dey go work dat morning.”

Umar say why e decide to write di letter through social media be say e dey hope say somebody go see am and helep am locate im daughter.

“I don finish all my efforts for police and NAPTIP side so my hope now na social media wia somebody fit see am and help me find my daughter.”

Di unforgettable day

Di incident hapun for Kuje Area Council for Abuja, Nigeria capital.

“Di day start as normal day, I prepare comot for work and my heavily pregnant wife bin wan go hospital dat day so she decide to take Khadija go our former house wia she get friends among di landlady children.” Sulaimon narrate.

“She come follow one of di children to go buy something for shop and according to di seven-year old wey comot with her, na dia dem jam one woman wey ask for dia names come buy dem biscuits and drinks before she ask am to go home say she go bring Khadija later.”

“As di boy run to come report wetin happun for house di woman don disappear and some pipo say dem even see di woman with Khadija but dem no know say she kidnap di pikin.”

Umar say e receive call for im place of work around 12pm and since dat phone call im life neva be di same again.

“Nothing wey I neva do, pressure on police oh even NAPTIP wey say make I write letter up-till now noting from dia side.”

“At some points, some fake pipo try extort me say dem dey with my daughter but afta dia arrest, e go turn out say na lie dem tok.”

Umar get two oda children since di kidnap of Khadija, five-year-old Abdulsalam and two-year-old Salahudeen, but e say di missing of Khadija mean say to celebrate dia birthdays or any anniversary dey hard because of di hole wey exist for di family.

Umar say im wife still dey suffer from shock and nightmares over di mata and she almost lose her pregnancy with Abdulsalam because of di mata.

Lastly Umar say if Khadija go return today, e go kill cow to celebrate her return and e also call on authorities to try rescue Khadija and oda missing children.

“Even on Saturday, two children miss for our area so authorities suppose put more efforts for dis mata.” E tok.