Karim Benzema: French footballer dey guilty for sex tape blackmail case

French footballer Karim Benzema

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French footballer Karim Benzema lose in place for di national team sake of di scandal

Court don find France and Real Madrid striker Karim Benzema guilty of conspiring to blackmail im fellow French footballer with a sex tape.

One judge give Benzema one-year suspended jail term and order am to pay €75,000 (£63,000; $84,000) fine.

Benzema, 33, na one of five pipo wey go trial last month over attempt to obtain Frenchman Mathieu Valbuena.

Di scandal don shock di football community for France and both players lose dia national team places.

Di case na since June 2015, wen di two footballers dey French training camp.

For di camp, Benzema put pressure on Valbuena to pay di blackmailers, wey prosecutors say e connive with to act as dia middleman.

Benzema bin don always deny di allegations and insist say e bin dey only try to help Valbuena get rid of di compromising video.

Di player don return to di France team and dey expected to start for Real Madrid on Wednesday night wen dem play FC Sheriff Tiraspol for di Champions League.

Benzema bin no present for di court for Versailles for di judgement, Valbuena too wey dey play for Greek club Olympiakos too bin no dey.