Chidinma Ojukwu: ‘No CCTV dey for apartment wia Super TV CEO murder happun’ – Witness

Chidinma Ojukwu


Witness don tell High Court for Lagos southwest Nigeria say CCTV no dey di apartment wia super TV boss Usifo Ataga and Chidinma Ojukwu bin lodge before im murder happun.

Dem find bodi of Usifo Ataga for one short stay apartment for 19 Adewale Oshin street Lekki phase 1 for June wey lead to di arrest of University of Lagos student Chidinma and one Adedapo Quadri and few odas.

During cross examination on Monday, owner of di apartment Nkechi Mogbo tell court say dem neva finish installation of di CCTV wen di murder happun.

Dis mean say dem no get video record of who enter or comot from di apartment as at wen di murder happun and afta dat time.

Di three accused pesins Chidinma Ojukwu, her sister Chioma and one Adedapo Quadri stand inside court during di cross examination wey last for almost three hours.

Na di first defendant counsel Onwuka Egwu lead di cross examination, while di judge na Yetunde Adesanya.

Why Chidinma no register her name for di apartment

Chidinma appear for court on Monday

How dem bring Chidinma come court on Monday 16 November, 2021

Di witness tell court say Chidinma no register her name for di lodgers register during dia stay dia unto say she grant di lodger waiver ontop registration matter.

According to di witness, Chidinma call am and tell say her name na Jewel, claim say she just come back from travel and wan do three days isolation for di apartment and she no hold her passport ID for identification.

“She call me wit foreign phone number to book di apartment. Based on her explanation, I allow her to lodge dia as I assume say na foreigner she be. Di only ledger wey I get na for my own documentation” na so di apartment owner tell court.

Wen Egwu ask am di kain security wey dey di apartment, she tok say dem get 24 hours security and dey monitor di apartment wella to know who enta and wen.

Oda pipo wey lodge dia wen di murder happun

Wen Egwu ask di apartment owner how many pipo lodge for di apartment wen di incident happun between June 11 and 17, she mention three names wey include Babalola, Omolara then Jewel and friends.

She say “Babalola leave di apartment on June 17, while Omolara leave one month after di incident, we hand over dia identity and ID cards to police to aid investigation”.

Di witness tell court say she lease di facility since December 2019 but start to dey use am for March/April 2021 and her business dey registered wit CAC.

Witness deny accuse by lawyer

Di defendant lawyer ask di witness how and wen dem dey take inventory of di utensils wey dey di apartment, Di utensils include tea cups, blender, table knives, big spoons, electric stove, pots multipurpose knives and oda cooking utensils.

Di witness say dem dey check all di utensils and equipment weneva dia client leave.

Di defendant counsel respond say “I put it to you say you put di multipurpose knives dia for planned purpose wey eventually happun”.

Di witness respond say “no be true, I no get idea who di lady be, I neva meet am before in my life, I no know why she come dia except wetin she tell me, na just business I dey run dia just like evri oda hardworking Nigerian”.

Judge Yetunde Adesanya adjourned di case to Tuesday November 16 to continue di cross examination.