Uganda explosion updates: Kampala blast kill pipo during rush hour on Tuesday

Pipo dey traumatised sake of di blasts


Twin explosion kill at least four pipo inside Uganda capital, Kampala on Tuesday.

Di police confam di deaths from di blast wey occur for Kampala central business district.

Also, reports say di main hospital for di capital – Mulago don full wit pipo wey wound as a result of wetin happun.

According to report, plenty broken limbs and cuts…. demand dey for blood and oda medical supplies dey ground.

At least 24 pipo dey treated for hospital, di health ministry tok.

Numbers of pipo wey die dey likely to rise as di blasts happun during rush hour for Kampala.

No group don claim responsibility yet.

However Uganda Police tok-tok pesin Fred Enanga say di intelligence dem don gada so far show say those wey dey behind di blasts na local militants di Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

E say dem don pursue and arrest di fourth attacker and police see suicide bomb jacket for im home.

Oga Enanga add say 33 pipo injure and five of them dey critical condition.

Uganda explosion site


How di explosion happun

Uganda explosion


One of di explosion bin go off near di shopping mall wey dey near di central police station.

And anoda one explode on Parliament road near di National Assembly, according to reports.

Office buildings shake when di blasts go off; some eyewitnesses tell BBC.

Di cause of di blasts, or if any casualties dey, neva dey confirmed.

Police for Uganda don begin use sniffer dogs to look for more evidence.

E include to detect any explosives for di scenes of di blasts wey happun for di centre of di capital, Kampala.

Di Chief of Military Intelligence (CMI) Major Gen. Abel Kandiho plus other security officials don also land di area.

Uganda explosion


Recent explosions for Kampala, Uganda

For early November, one explosion kill at least one pesin and injure two odas for one small town for di central Ugandan district of Nakaseke, wey be about two hours from di capital Kampala.

Dis blast happun less than one month afta two separate explosions for di kontri kill two pipo and injure several odas.

Di October blast blast kill one waitress for bar, di oda explosion kill one suicide bomber wey bin smuggle di explosives inside bus.

Authorities for di kontri don blame di October blasts on Ugandan Islamist militant group, di Allied Democratic Forces, wey dey based for neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dem arrest at least 50 pipo and don carry some go court, since di recent incidents.