Tordue Salem: Police confirm death of journalist wey miss for almost one month

Nigeria police don confam di death of Tordue Henry Salem wey bin miss since 13 October, 2021.

Tordue na di National Assembly Correspondent for tori pipo Vanguard newspaper.

Dem don deposit im bodi for mortuary for Wuse General Hospital, Abuja.

Tordue disappearance bin don cause national outcry as journalist enta street for di nation capital and march to di police headquarters to demand say make dem find am.

News of im death dey come just two days after Nigeria House of Representatives bin call for thorough investigation into how di journalist take miss.

Wetin police say happun to Tordue?

During press briefing on Friday 12 November, 2021 Nigeria police tok-tok pesin Frank Mba say na car jam Tordue and e most likely lead to im death.

Di police bin present one suspect wey describe how di incident allegedly take happun.

Di cab driver tell tori pipo say: “im bin dey drive for night around 10 pm around Mabushi area on speed. As im dey drive, he come knock down one pesin but no fit stop because di area tiff dey operate for di area.”

“By di time e drive reach Wuse area of di town, e inform police pipo wey dey road dem tell am make e go report for di police station but im no go.

Instead di suspect say im “drive straight to one local private park call Good Friend garage for Mpape and leave di car dia. Di following day wen e come di park, e see one phone wey don break break, e come throw away di phone for di park and leave.”

Afta series of investigation, police come trace di phone to di private park wia one baba wey di guide di park bin pick am up come put di Sim Card inside new phone wey im buy. Na so dem take trace Tordue whearabouts.

‘I tink say na armed robber na im make I no stop’

Car photo

Dis na photo of di car wey allegedly knock and kill Tordue

Di suspect say one of di reason why e no stop afta im allegedly knock Tordue down na because robbers don attack am dia before.

“Di reason why I no stop na because dem don attack me dia before, e dey my phone”.

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