Guinness World record confirm US boy as world most premature baby – See how e survive

One US boy wey dem born at 21 weeks and a day wey weigh under one pound don dey certified as di ‘world most premature baby to survive’.

Full-term pregnancy na usually 40 weeks, but dis don make Curtis Means nearly 19 weeks premature.

Dem deliver Curtis Means for Birmingham, Alabama, last year and e weigh just 420g (14.8 ounces).

E mama, Michelle Butler, enta labour for hospital on 4 July 2020 during di Independence Day celebration.

Guinness World Records confam say Curtis, wey now don reach 16 months old, set di new record.

How Curtis Means Take Survive

Michelle Butler bin give birth to twins; Curtis and C’Asya but C’Asya die one day later.

Di hospital tok say dem dey typically offer parents compassionate care for situations like dis, wey go allow dem to hold dia tiny infant for di little time wey dem get togeda.

But wit less than one per cent chance of survival, dem put Curtis for intensive care.

Dem carry am comot from ventilator afta three months and discharge am dis year April, afta 275 days inside hospital.

Therapists gatz to help am learn how to breathe and use e mouth to eat.

Di mama tok for statement: “To dey able to finally take Curtis home and surprise my older children wit dia younger broda na moment I go always remember.”

Curtis – wey get three older siblings – still need supplemental oxygen and feeding tube, but doctors say e dey in good health.

Dr Brian Sims, di University of Alabama for Birmingham neonatologist wey supervise di delivery, tell Guinness World Records say:

“I don dey do dis almost 20 years, but I neva see baby dis young to dey as strong as e dey. E get something special about Curtis.”

Curtis use 24 hours pass di former record holder by one Wisconsin baby Richard Hutchinson, wey dem born just one month beforehand at 21 weeks and two days. 

Before Richard, di record bin dey unbroken for 34 years, by one baby boy born for Ottawa, Canada wey dem born 21 weeks and five days old.