Oye Kyme: Bobrisky former PA ‘never die she dey coma’ – Friend to Oye deny death rumours

Friend of Oye Kyme wey be former PA to popular Nigerian cross dresser, Bobrisky don tok say she no pronounce am dead.

Dis na afta local blogs circulate news on Thursday morning say di Ivorian don ‘pass on’ days afta she tok say she contract Covid-19 days ago.

Modella Blessing wey some of di local tori platforms bin quote say na lie and say she no tok say her friend don die.

For her IG story, Modella Blessing say “she no die, she just dey coma”.

“I write ‘wake up’ sake of say she no dey respond for hours!

“Make una stop dey use dis to chase clout,” she warn pipo.

Wetin we know about Oye health?

Oye bin share IG post on 22 October, 2021 wia she confam say she test positive to coronavirus.

She say she bin don take di vaccine but she dey seriously affected by di virus and dem don rush am go hospital.

“I dey completely heartbroken and my family and I dey shocked and disgusted”, she tok for di post.


Oye announce say she dey go off social media for a while to take care of herself.

“I no sabi how long but I need dey away sake of my health,” she add.

Oye Kyme bin recently trend on social media afta she claim to expose wetin many pipo don refer to as ‘dirty secret’ about her former boss, Bobrisky.

Wetin Oye reveal about Bobrisky?

Di Ivorian young lady bin hold one question and answer segment online and reveal so many things from how her former Boss look for real life to im sexual orientation.

Wetin she tok na based on questions wey fans bin ask am.

Oye confam say ex-boss be bald man wey dey use beauty products like foundation to cover im beards and wigs to cover im head.

She also allege say Bobrisky no undergo any cosmetic surgery as im bin popularly claim.

Dem born Bobrisky as man but im dey identify im sef as woman. E dey dress like woman and call im sef woman and dis one don make plenti tok-tok full mata wey concern am.

Wen question bin pop up on whether Bobrisky get girlfriend? Oye allege say Bob no get any female partner and say im dey intimate wit men.

Na there she later mention popular social media influencer, Mompha enta di mata.

Di ex-PA say im bin don hear am from Bobrisky imself say im and Mompha dey in a relationship.

Afta di accusation, she deactivate her account.

But we still fit lay our hands on some of her post from one local instagram blog

Wetin Bobrisky tok?

Di cross-dresser also deny im ex-PA claim say im dey date Mompha.

For di same interview wit popular OAP, Daddy Freeze, Bob say im dey para for di mata because no be di first time dis kain allegation don land dia two domot.

“Dis tin neva happun. But I suspect some pipo bin send dat girl to purposely come spoil my name”, im tok.

“Dis guy- referring to Mompha- dey married wit kids , we no fit be friends?

“If Mompha comment for my page, pipo go tok, If I also go im page to comment, na war.

“Di tin dey vex me and I don post for my page say me and Mompha na just friends.”, im tok.

Bobrisky say dis no be di first or second time im don come online to debunk dis news.

Gay relationships or suspected gay relationships no dey legal for Nigeria