Dairo Antonio Úsuga David alias Otoniel: Colombia nab most wanted drug lord Otoniel

Colombia don capture Otoniel, di most wanted drug trafficker and leader of di kontri largest criminal gang.

Authorities seize Dairo Antonio Úsuga David, wey also dey known as Otoniel for one joint operation.

Di army, air force and police na im join bodi do di operation on Saturday.

Dairo Antonio Úsuga David alias Otoniel


President Iván Duque hail di capture of Otoniel inside televise video message.

“Dis na di biggest blow against drug trafficking for our kontri dis century.

“Dis blow dey only comparable to di fall of Pablo Escobar for di 1990s.” President Duque tok.

Dairo Antonio Úsuga was led away in handcuffs following the raid
The British Broadcasting Corporation

How Colombia capture Otoniel

Dem capture Otoniel for di rural area wey im dey hide inside di Antioquia province.

Di area dey for north-western Colombia, close to di border with Panama.

While more details of di operation still dey come out small-small, di president tok say one police officer die.

Colombia armed forces later release one photo wey show dia soldiers dey guard di handcuffed Otoniel.

Dairo Antonio Úsuga David alias Otoniel

Di army release photo wey show dia soldiers dey guard di handcuffed Dairo Antonio Úsuga

Before dem capture Otoniel, di goment bin don offer $800,000 (£582,000) reward.

Dat na give away for information about e whereabouts, while di US place $5m bounty for im head.

Otoniel become di head of the Gulf Clan, previously known as the Usuga Clan.

E take over after idi former leader – im brother – dey killed by police inside raid for one New Year’s Eve party almost ten years ago.

Colombia security forces label di gang as di kontri most powerful criminal organisation.

While authorities for US describe am as “heavily armed and extremely violent”.

Di gang wey dey operate for many provinces and get big international connections.

Dem also dey do drug and pipo smuggling, illegal gold mining and extortion.

Dairo Antonio Úsuga David alias Otoniel

Security forces escort Otoniel afta dem capture am

Di believe be say di gang get about 1,800 armed members wey dem mainly recruit from far-right paramilitary groups.

Authorities for different kontries don arrest di gang members as far away as Argentina, Brazil, Honduras, Peru and Spain.

Di gang dey control many of di routes wey dem dey use to smuggle drugs from Colombia to di US and as far away as Russia.

Colombian goment, however, believe say dem don take down di numbers of pipo inside di gang in recent years, forcing many leading members to hide for remote regions inside di jungle.

Otoniel now dey face plenti number of charges including sending shipments of cocaine to di US, killing police officers and recruiting children.

Dem sama charges give am am for US for 2009, and e face extradition proceedings wey fit make am appear for court inside New York.