Alec Baldwin shoot woman for movie set with prop gun

Alec Balwin

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Alec Balwin na di co-producer for di feem Rust wey dem dey shoot for New mexico

One woman don die and one man dey injured afta American actor Alec Baldwin bin shoot prop gun for one feem set inside New Mexico.

Police say oga Baldwin bin shoot di gun for di filming of di 19th Century western feem, Rust.

Dem bin rush di woman go hospital but she die from di wound. Di feem director tok say di man wey injure dey collect emergency treatment.

Tok-tok pesin for oga Baldwin tell tori pipo AP say di accident na sake of misfiring of prop guns wey bin get blank bullets inside.

Di name of di woman wey die na Halyna Hutchins, she be 42-years old. She bin dey work for di feem as director of photography.

Di man wey dey hospital na Joel Souza, 48, im be di feem director.

As at now police still dey investigate di mata for di Bonanza Creek Ranch, wey be popular feem location, and neva file charges.

For statement, Santa Fe sheriff tok-tok pesin say oga Baldwin don tok to police.

Who be di woman wey die, Halyna Hutchins?

Halyna Hutchins

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42 year old Halyna Hutchins die afta Alec baldwin misfire

According to her website, Hutchins bin come from Ukraine. She bin grow up for one Soviet military base for di Artic Circle.

She study journalism for Kyiv and later study feem for Los Angeles. For 2019, America Cinematographer magazine bin nam am as “rising star” for di industry.

Following dat mention, she go on to do director of photography work for di 2020 action feem Archenemy, wey Adam Egypt Mortimer bin direct.

Oga Mortimer enta social media to hala about how her death pain am.