Medikal detained: Ghana rapper Samuel Adu Frimpong go stay prison custody for days

Circuit Court for Accra remand Ghanaian rapper, Medikal to police custody for five days.

Dis be after dem detain de musician for brandishing gun inside video for social media.

Dem charge am with de display of arms and ammunition, but de rapper plead not guilty to de charge.

Dis recent case dey raise de number of musicians who dey inside prison custody for Ghana dis week to two.

Both Medikal den Shatta Wale go remain inside Ankaful Prison until next week when de court go hear dema cases.

Meanwhile earlier dis week, Police arrest another young man who dem describe as “dangerous armed robber” who also brandish weapon on social media.

Officials track him down wey dem arrest am, during de arrest dem retrieve about four weapons on de man who police say dey on dema wanted list.

‘I marry early sake of I no want any distractions, but I no get any issues with anyone who be polygamous lover” Medikal talk.
The British Broadcasting Corporation