Explosion in Kampala: Police describe ‘bombers’ behind Kampala blast, Museveni suspect terror attack

Explosion in Kampala update: Uganda bomb explosion in Kampala fit be terror attack - Museveni


Police for Uganda say at least one pesin don die and seven oda get serious injuries for explosion inside Kampala.

Di night explosion for di northern side of di Uganda capital.

Officers don go seal off di area and begin investigations to know di cause of di blast.

BBC tori pesin Patience Atuhaire report say di blast go off on Saturday night for one bar and street food eatery.

Police describe bombers for explosion in Kampala

Police Spokesman Fred Enanga say di suspected bombers na three men wey disguise themselves as customers.

One of dem bin allegedly carry unknown items inside a plastic bag, wey im placed under a table.

Di suspects dey believed to don order for food and drinks, and also offer some to oda customers for di venue before di blast.

Di explosion go off moments after di suspects comot leave dia table.

Di blast dey belived to cover a five square meter radius, suggesting says e dey caused by Improvised Explosive Device.

Preliminary investigations indicate say di device dey made of nails, ball bearings and oda metallic fragments, oga Enanga added.

Di pesin wey die, dey believed to be a 20-year-old waitress.

Tori be say she sustained injuries to her head, back and left leg.

Two of di three injured victims reportedly dey in critical condition.

Explosion in Kampala update: Uganda bomb explosion in Kampala fit be terror attack - Museveni

Dis no be di scene of di Uganda bonb blast

Di place dey one largely residential neighborhood, BBC tori pesin report.

E no dey clear yet weda dis na accident or attack on di premises.

Di president of Uganda say di deadly explosion for di capital, Kampala fit be like act of terrorism.

And Yoweri Museveni promise to track down di pipo wey get hand inside.

Oga Museveni also confam say one pesin die for di blast.

Explosion in kampala update: Explosion in Kampala Uganda fit be terror attack - Museveni


Meanwhile, local media dey report say three pipo na im die and several odas injure.

Ugandan police neva confam reports of bomb attack but dem tok say dem dey investigate di cause.

Bars dey officially closed for Uganda sake of COVID-19 control measure, but some venues still dey serve customers.

One local Mayor tell BBC say pipo for di area dey fear and dey wonder why anyone go target dia neighbourhood.

Ugandan authorities recently accused di Congo-based ADF rebel group of plotting terror attacks.

For August police say dem dom scata suicide bombing wey target one army commander funeral wey senior military and political officials bin attend.

Last week, di UK goment issue one alert to dia citizens for Uganda, warning of possible terrorist activity for di East African Konti.

For 2010, at least 70 pipo na im die for one bomb blasts wey happun for two locations.

E happun then as football fans dey watch di World Cup finals inside Uganda capital.