Alec Baldwin: Dem tell Hollywood actor say prop gun dey safe before fatal shooting of Halyna Hutchins – court records

Di gun wey actor Alec Baldwin fire on set, wey kill one woman, na one assistant director wey tell am say e dey safe give am, court records show.

Di director wey dem no name no know say di prop gun contain live ammunition and indicate say e no dey loaded by shouting “cold gun!”, na so di records tok.

Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins suffer fatal shooting for her chest for Thursday incident on di set of di film Rust.

Baldwin ‘heartbreak’ over fatal shooting

Baldwin don express shock and sadness after im fatally shoot cinematographer Halyna Hutchins with prop gun for one New Mexico film set.

Im tweet say im dey in contact with her husband and don offer support.

“My heart brake for her husband, their son, and all wey know and love Halyna,” im write.

Ms Hutchins, wey dey 42 years bin dey work as director of photography for di movie.

“Words no dey to convey my shock and sadness regarding di tragic accident wey take di life of Halyna Hutchins, wey be wife, mother and colleague wey we admire,” im tweet.

“I dey fully co-operate with di police investigation to address how dis tragedy occur.”

Dem fly Ms Hutchins go hospital by helicopter after di shooting on Thursday afternoon but she died from her injuries.

Director Joel Souza, 48, suffer injury and dem carry am from di scene for Bonanza Creek Ranch by ambulance.

One actress for di film, Frances Fisher, tweet on Friday say Mr Souza tell her say dem don release am from hospital, US media also report di same tin. Di hospital no gree comment on Mr Souza condition, as dem say e go go against privacy laws.

Tok-tok pesin for Mr Baldwin, say di incident involve misfiring of prop gun wey get blank bullets.

Police dey try to establish which type of projectile comot from di prop gun and how. Local media reported say dem see Mr Baldwin outside di Santa Fe County sheriff office in tears.

One tok-tok pesin for di local district attorney office tell BBC News say di investigation still dey “preliminary” stage.

“At this time, we no know if dem go file court case,” na so First Judicial District Attorney Mary Carmack-Altwies tok.

Di actor na co-producer of Rust and im play e namesake, outlaw wey im 13-year-old grandson dey convicted of manslaughter.

Di oldest of four brothers, all actors, Mr Baldwin don star for plenty TV and film roles since di 1980s.

Ms Hutchins come from Ukraine and she grow up for Soviet military base for di Arctic Circle, according to her personal website. She study journalism for Kyiv, and film for Los Angeles, and dem name her “rising star” by di American Cinematographer magazine for 2019.

Na she be di director of photography for di 2020 action film Archenemy, wey Adam Egypt Mortimer direct.

“I dey so sad about losing Halyna. And so angry say dis fit happen on set,” Mr Mortimer tok for tweet.

Such incidents on film sets dey extremely rare, but e don happun before.

Often times dem dey use real firearms during filming, but dem dey load am with blanks – dis na cartridges wey fit create flash and a bang without discharging any projectile.

For 1993, Brandon Lee – di 28-year-old son of late martial-arts star Bruce Lee – die on set after dem accidentally shoot am with prop gun while dem dey film death scene for di film The Crow. Di gun mistakenly get real bullet wey dem load inside to use as test.