NYSC: ‘Why I build borehole for Ondo community’ – Osaretin Michael

Osaretin Michael


Wen Osaretin Michael first enter di town wey NYSC post am go for Ondo state, di condition wey im meet di pipo for dia no too good especially wit dia water.

Dat na why 22-year-old Michael wey come from Edo state make up im mind to help di Akure community to get at least good water wey dey safe to drink.

Michael say dis Olugere community for Akure South local government area no get light, water, road plus no telephone network for di area.

Michael tell BBC Pidgin say di tin wey ginger am to do dis kind project na sake of wen e dey small e bin see corpers dey help di community wia dem go serve and from dia im make up im mind to do e own.

Di NYSC corper wey study Industrial Chemistry for University of Benin, add say poor background wey im come from also be reason why im dey determined to dey try do tins wey go make oda pipo happy.

‘Pipo call me scam as dem no believe di project’

Some Pipo no gree help Michael sake of im no come from dia tribe and some churches say im no be dia member.

But Michael later get support from Rotary club of Akure for di project.

”E hard me small bifo I fit gather dis money, we do video, do online campaign, meet politicians but pipo no too believe me, some even call me scam”

E say even some of im youth corper friends follow take am laff sake of dem no believe di project.

Michael add say: “even dis village wey I dey do dis project, some pipo no wan believe sake of many pipo don promise dem water bifo but fail.”

But pipo later join am wen dem see say di project don dey come true.

Michael say e happy well well say e fit complete di project and e see say di pipo sef happy pass.

Wetin NYSC dey about?

Di National Youth Service Corp na one year service scheme wey dey mandatory for graduates of Nigeria tertiary institutions wey dey under di age of 30.

Statutorily under di scheme, young graduates from di kontri southern region go get posting to di Northern region and vice versa.

Dem go receive three weeks compulsory para-military training before dem go post dem to schools, hospitals, banks and other private and public establishments.

So far, insecurity palava for di kontri don also affect di scheme as report of cases of Corp members wey kidnapping and banditry threats don affect dey on di rise.