Endsars anniversary: Falz ginger youths to mark Endsars memorial

Nigerian Musician FALZ


“Werey dey disguise”!

Dis na wetin musician Falz call di plans to stop memorial protest to hold for 20th of October.

For annual event to honour di late Fela, di rapper hala say “October 20 don dey come like dis, police commissioner say make we no come outside.”

“Dem say on dat very day make we no comot, dem dey craze? No mata wetin dem try, no mata how many dem be, dem no born dem”.

E further reveal for im stage rant say “as I dey tok to you so, dem don pack demselves for toll gate.”

Last year, Nigerians especially youths bin hold mass demonstrations to call for end to police brutality and bad governance.

Despite say Nigeria goment disband di troubled Special Anti-robber Squad (SARS), protests bin continue.

Plans dey to hold anniversary protest?

What is happening in Nigeria? EndSARS Protests

Kasala burst for di peaceful EndSARS protests for Lagos on Monday 19 October, 2020 afta authorities confam say jaguda pipo alias hoodlum hijack di protest to begin attack innocent citizens.

Already fliers don dey go round to plan protest across di kontri. BBC News Pidgin find di wan wey dey plan somtin for Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Dis na as Nigerians still dey ask for di truth of wetin happun for Lekki Toll Gate for October 20th, 2020.

Di date dey significant for many wey take part for di protest as dem alleged say police kill some protesters on dat day for di toll gate.

Howeva police and goment officials dem, don comot to tok say nobodi bin die for di Lekki Incident for di Judicial Panel wey dey go on for Lagos.

Na dat incident lead to plans of anoda nationwide protest to mark di day.

Wetin Police tok on top dis mata

What is happening in Nigeria?

Everiwia for Lagos (lives & properties worth billions) don scata afta jaguda pipo alias hoodlums hijack di #EndSARS protest for Nigeria commercial city.

Last Monday, di Lagos State Police Command say dem no go allow any Endsars anniversary protest to happun.

Di state Police Public Relations Officer for statement, bin tok say “because of di gbas-gbos situation for di kontri and to prevent di kasala wey di planned process fit cause, di Lagos State Police Command dey draw ear to warn against any protest.”

Na on di 20th of Octoer, 2020 Lagos State Goment bin impose curfew sake of jaguda pipo wey bin hijack di protest.

Concerning SARS mata, di Police tell Nigerians say dem no get any plans to revive am as, “we don grow for di force to cover any loophole wey SARS live behind”.