Ghana criminalize sharing of naked pictures or videos with three year jail term or more

Victim of cyber bullying

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Victim of cyber bullying

Ghana introduce new laws which dey want punish people who dey publish nude photos and videos women and children in particular online.

De new law under Cybersecurity Act 2020, dey wan deal with de growing circulation of naked images for either revenge or blackmail.

Director of Cybercrime for Ghana Police Service, ACP Dr Gustav Herbert Yankson for Ghana caution de general public especially women, to desist from sharing nudes to men even dema husbands.

According to officials, dis nudes fit enter wrong hands especially if dem lose gadgets or someone hack dem.

So what be de consequences of sharing nudes of other people for cash, revenge or any other reasons publicly online for Ghana?

Sharing nudes and child grooming

Based on de new law wey Ghana introduce, any person who go engage in publishing pictures of children or adults go fit face 5, 10 or 25 years in jail.

De law also dey address child grooming for sexual abuse, according to de Cybersecurity Act 2020 child grooming for sexual abuse or aiding and abetting or cyber stalking a child go fit land person between 5 to 15 years jail term.

Person wey go share naked images online or on social media platforms go face fine of between $5,200 den $10,000.

Foto of pipo wey dey do kerewa

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Threatening to circulate nude images for cash

In addition to dis, de law make an clear say any person who go also threaten to send someone nude pics go also face de law.

According to de new Cybersecurity laws, threat to circulate nude photos or videos in exchange for cash go fit face 10 to 25 years in jail.

Willful sharing of nudes

According to Section 278 of the criminal code, person who go publicly and willfully publish dema nudes commit grossly indecent act which be misdemeanor.

Lately, officials for Ghana dey go after people who dey put out obscene material willingly.

Ghanaian social media sensation, Akuapem Poloo enter hot soup with de law after dem sentence am to jail for posting semi nude photos of she and her son online.

Accra Circuit Court sentence Ghanaian actress, Rosemond Brown to three months in prison.

De Court in de judgment argue say de reason for de punitive sentence be sake of dem wan use dis case serve as deterrent to de general public.