Chiwetalu Agu: Nollywood actor give account of im time for army and DSS custody

Ogbonge Nigeria Nollywood actor Chiwetalu Agu wey Nigeria security forces arrest for di first week of October, give account of wetin happun to am while im dey dia hand.

Inside interview wey di Nollywood veteran do wit BBC Igbo, di actor say although di junior military men wey bin arrest am for Onitsha no treat am well, di senior officers plus di Department of Security Service (DSS) wey im later meet try well.

Men of di Nigerian Army bin arrest Chiwetalu on October 8 for “inciting members of di public and soliciting support for di proscribed Indigenous Pipo of Biafra (IPOB),” sake of im wear shirt wey resemble dia flag.

But di actor deny say wetin im wear no be Ipob flag but rising sun and rising sun don dey since Ojukwu time.

“Di tin wey important to me for dis my waka be say wetin dem write for my cloth na rising sun. Rising sun no be today tok, rising sun na since Ojukwu come out make we defend ourselves for Nigeria hand naim we don dey tok of rising sun.”

Di actor tok about many tins wey concern di incident inside di interview wey we summarise here.

Wetin happun for di hand of security agents

Di sojas cari Chiwetalu from Onitsha hand am over to di intelligence officers for 82 Division of di Nigeria Army for Enugu.

According to am, im face panel wey get plenty generals and dem question am for 9 to 10 hours.

“Dem hold dis fone, you know wetin be excavation… na so Nigeria soldier panel wey den set up for 82 Div take do (search my fone), dem no see anytin.”

Oga Agu say afta di army finish wit am, dem send am go DSS, na dia tori get k-leg.

E say dem no allow am sleep na so dem bundle am from Enugu go Abuja.

“Di treatment wey dem give me dia no be di best but dem try dia best.”

E say although di DSS try dia best to give am di kain food wey im dey chop, but di food no come on time and hunger almost finish am becos im get ulcer.

DSS also search im phone plus ask am plenty questions about everytin wey dey inside.

You go still wia dat cloth?

Chiwetalu Agu say, im promise DSS say im go make one sacrifice and dat na to hide di cloth for archives. But say dat cloth no find any trouble.

E add say di rising sun cloth na cloth wey be say “if you see am e go give you strength, e go give you hope say beta go still happun.”

“Dat cloth no find any trouble. Di only time wey cloth go find wahala na wen you write IPBO, ESN, come wear am dey waka. Becos those tins dey intimidating.”

Although di actor promise DSS to put di cloth for archives, im say afta di cloth don chill finish for archives, “e get many oda styles wey I go cari come.

“E fit be say di next cloth wey I go wear go be white and rising sun” so dat army no go tink say e wan fight wit dem.

E also come add say dem go begin manufacture tins like matches and even motor wit rising sun.

Nnamdi Kanu

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Di proscribed group Ipob dia leader Nnamdi Kanu dey DSS custody

I no see Nnamdi Kanu

Di ogbonge actor say, im no see di proscribed Ipob leader Nnmadi Kanu, but im happy well-well wen im hear say di two of dem dey di same building.

“I no see am but di kain feeling I bin get wen dem tell me say, my room dey for down, Nnamdi Kanu dey for di room wey dey upstairs.

“I bin wan tell dem say before I leave dis place make una show me Nnamdi, even if you no allow us tok, but just make we hug, dat one don do me. But e get as tins take happun, na im I advise mysef.”

E describe Nnamdi as “icon for Igbo land,” but add say wetin im no like na as violent pipo, bad pipo come join dem begin kee-kee in his name.

Im say Nnmadi go be like “Martin Luther King, e go be like hero… Mandela of South Africa.”

Nigeria Army bin confam di arrest of di Nollywood actor on 8, October.

According to statement from di army HQ, dem arrest am as im dey ginger members of di public to support di proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Dem add say dem pick di actor wey wear di cloth attire of di proscribed group, for questioning and although im bin resist wen di troops make effort to take am into custody, dem say dem no assault or brutalise am.

Na from army hand dem bin transport di actor to DSS custody.