Victor Kings Oluebube Dublin: Man wey suffer Racial discrimination go get €30,000 award

Victor Kings Oluebube Dublin: Man wey suffer Racial discrimination go get €30,000 award

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One Dublin Court don award one Nigeria man wey im oga allegedly call chimpanzee for abroad.

Di court compensate Victor Kings Oluebube wit €30,000 for racial discrimination

For di Labour Court, deputy chairman Alan Haugh bin order one company Flexsource Recruitment, to pay €30,000 to Oluebube wey be agency worker.

Racial discrimination under di di region Employment Equality Act for Dublin.

At di time of di two allege racist matter, Kings Oluebube dey assigned by one Dublin-based firm CPL Solutions Ltd to Kuehne & Nagel as warehouse operative.

Oga Haugh bin order CPL Solutions to pay am di money after dem find say true true di company dey liable for di harassment wey dem tok.

Di €30,000 award go reach about im sixty three weeks gross pay.

Black pipo dey face discrimination wellaOne study bin find say Pipo of African descent dey face “widespread and entrenched prejudice and exclusion” across di European Union.

Race-related violence, discriminatory police profiling, and discrimination in di search for jobs and house don turn normal for many pipo, di EU agency for fundamental rights (FRA) bin tok.

Finland get di highest rate of race-related harassment and violence while di UK had dey among di lowest.

Di FRA bin urge kontries to take action.

“Na reality wey dey shameful and dey vex pesin: racism based on di colour of pesin skin dey rain throughout di European Union,” FRA director Michael O’Flaherty bin tok.

Di Being Black in di EU bin survey nearly 6,000 pipo for 12 EU kontries – plus France and Germany – between 2015 and 2016.

About 30% of di overall pipo say dem experience one form of racial harassment inside five years before di survey. Dis one na from 63% of pipo in Finland to 21% for di UK and 20% for Malta.

Five percent of dis pipo say dem experience racist violence, including by police officers. Di highest rates of racist violence dey recorded in Finland (14%), Ireland and Austria (both 13%). Di lowest rate dey observed in Portugal (2%) and di UK (3%).

Di majority say dem no report di incident bicos dem dey feel say e no go change anything or bicos dem no trust or dey afraid of police, di report tok.

Victor Kings Oluebube Dublin: Man wey suffer Racial discrimination go get €30,000 award

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Survey ‘na reality check’

Some 24% of di pipo say police don stop dem inside five years before di survey. 70% of di ones dem stop for Italy say dem dey reason say dia last encounter don dey racially motivated.

Although Finland dey among di highest for stop rates (38%), only small minority bin reason say na for race matter (4%) and trust in di police there dey among di highest . Austria aslo get high stop rates (66%), but 31% believe say e dey racially-motivated.

When pipo dey find work, one quarter of respondents say dem don feel racially discriminated against – dis one dey highest for Austria, Italy and Luxembourg. Nearly 10% say dem don face same problem wit school and education authorities.

Access to both private and social housing be another area where 21% pipo say dem bin face discrimination. Austria and Italy dey identified as di kontries where dis dey most likely.

Oga O’Flaherty say di survey bin show say “almost 20 years after dem adopt of EU law wey forbid discrimination, African pipo still dey face widespread and entrenched prejudice and exclusion”.

E add say dem need quick “effort” to promote inclusion across di EU and e dey hope say di “reality check” wey di the survey’ finding bin show go “sharp meaningful measure wey go support of dis vital goal”.