INEC electronic results: Wetin fit go wrong wit INEC transfer of elections results electronically



Nigeria Senate decision to allow di Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) transfer elections results electronically don begin generate reactions.

Di lawmakers for di Upper Chamber on Tuesday for dia sitting bin do about turn on dia initial decision wen di Electoral Act dey amended and lawmakers reject di idea of electronic transmission of result.

Dem say if e go even work, di electoral body must first get approval from di Nigerian Communications Commission before dem fit transmit election results electronic.

Dis make plenty Nigerians hala as dem say di process no go dey transparent and technology don take over now, so excuse no dey.

Although di approval go still require di support of lawmakers for di lower chamber, wey be di House of Representatives.

As Nigerians hail di Senate approval, say e go increase transparency during di election, some organizations wey dey monitor elections for Nigeria express some concerns wey fit go wrong wit di electronic process.

Di Executive Director of one Non-governmental organization wey dey promote democratic governance, human rights and civic engagement – Yiaga Africa express worry say;

Electronic transmission of elections results no go still solve all di problem of Nigeria election.

Sam Itodo wey follow BBC Pidgin tok say first, e go make election for Nigeria to dey more expensive.

Secondly di bill if e dey implemented go only work if INEC and goment dey determined to make am work.

Oga Itodo oda worries na say goment fit decide to shutdown digital platforms and telecommunication network services just like dem do Twitter and dis e say go affect di transmission of di election result electronically.

E also highlight di problem of digital security as systems fit dey hacked and pipo no go fit monitor di election result again.

Anoda election monitoring body, Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre CISLAC dey of di position say nothing fit go wrong wit di transfer of election results electronically but pipo wey no want am go frustrate am.

CISLAC Executive Director Auwak Ibrahim Musa Rafsanjam say;

Anoda thing wey fit go wrong na if INEC no get di money, support and all di resources e need to transmit di results electronically.

Wetin be di concerns lawmakers bin raise initially

Lawmakers for one sitting for July to consider di Report of di Electoral Bill 2021 agree say INEC fit consider electronic transmission of election results only when di Nigerians Communications Commission and di National Assembly approve am.

Di lawmakers also raise issues like lack of infrastructure to transmit result electronically.

Plus Digital security Result fit dey hacked or intercepted for di point of transmission.

Also di cost of electronic transmission go dey too expensive plus electricity palava.

DI Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) say dem no fit guarantee safety of di electronic transmission of result.

Di Executive Commissioner for NCC, Adeleke Adewolu tell lawmakers say di elections results fit dey transmitted only by a 3G network and na only 50 percent of di kontri get 3G coverage.

However, di Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) go get power to determine wetin go be di ‘best mode’ for di transmission of election results, wen di president sign di amendment into law.