Erumena Amata wedding: “I marry for di first time at 64 years after everybody don give up”

Erumena Amata


Friends and Families of di couple no fit hide dia joy as dem attend di traditional and white wedding wey take place on Saturday, 9th October 2021.

For di white wedding, madam Erumena call her bridal train wey dey di age of 50 and above ‘Maids of honour.’

Dem be her friends back in di days and dia friendship still dey solid and some of dem na grandma, professor and mothers.

One of di maids of honor even fly down from London to witness dis historic event.

Aunty Mena as wetin plenty pipo dey like call her, share with BBC Pidgin how di strict environment of high morality wey she grow up contribute to why she no quick marry and also make her dey steadfast.

As years dey go from 30s to 40s and 50 to 60s, she face some kind challenges like ridicule from some pipo wey tell say;

“You too old, you no go fit longer Marry, You too tall you go Marry short man. You too old even if you find man, you go dey older than am.

“Madam Erumena say with all dis tok-tok wey some pipo dey do, she no allow anything shake her.

Even wen her friends, siblings and colleagues dey get married one afta di oda, she still dey kampe and dey follow dem rejoice plus happy, na she go even dance pass as she believe in di word wey say, ‘rejoice with pipo wey dey rejoice.’

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“Every year I go dey tok say okay dis December I go spend am for husband house.

December go come, December go go, na I’m we dey reach dis October 2021,” madam Erumena tell BBC Pidgin.

Aunty Mena add say no be even di waiting challenge she pass through alone. Odas na di challenge of seeing pikin wey dem born for her presence and wey she carry dey marry.

Then even di pikin of dat pikin wey she carry come even still marry before her but all these ones no ever make her lose hope, she continue to dey steadfast until she finally meet the love of her life at the age of 64 years.

She add say another contributing factor to her delay be say, she no be wetin pipo dey call ‘streetwise kid’ so she just continue to maintain strict morality kind of life.

“You know di one wey pain pass? Dem born pikin for my hand, as in my senior brother dia pikin, I carry dat pikin.

Dat same pikin come grow, no be only say im grow oh, im come marry, I still dey single when dat pikin marry.

Im come born and I still carry im pikin. Imagine di kain feeling, di kain pain wey pesin get,”Concerning how she meet her husband, Erumena say na through one ‘mutual friend’ two of dem take meet.

From there two of dem come continue to dey chat through WhatsApp and tok for phone.

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Dia relationship come snowball into something serious when oga Benjamin visit her for Port Harcourt and she later come go visit am for Warri.

She say di first time she visit oga Benjamin for Warri, something just tell her say; “dis na my home.”

Aunty Mena describe her husband wey be pastor as calm and understanding.

She say na man wey dey respect plus fear God and dis na one of di beta quality wey make her love am well-well.Her advice to ladies wey dey dia Late 20s, 30s, 40s and so on be say make dem no give up, di right man go find dem come.

She say marriage no be Wetin Dem need to rush in or put demsef under pressure for.E neva too late to say I do.

Dis na di story of Erumena Amata wey marry for di first time at 64 years to her husband pastor Benjamin Akpoghene-Adaiah wey be 69 years old.