New Superman Bisexual: DC comics Superman Bisexual profile

New Superman comics wey dey comot don ‘set social media on fire’.

Di koko tori be say di new set of comics go feature di Superman character as Bisexual pesin.

Plenti pipo don dey halla on top di character wey don dey around for over fifty years.

Some say na agenda wey dem dey follow.

Howeva, BBC Pidgin don find out key things wey you fit no know about dis new bisexual character.

Di Bisexual Superman na Jon Kent

Di Superman wey go comot for di next edition say im dey relationship with one male reporter, Jay Nakamura.

No be Clark Kent, im name na Jonathan Kent wey be di pikin of di Superman wey we don sabi.

Jon Kent first show up for 2015 as di pikin of Clark Kent and im reporter love interest Lois Lane.

Tori from di new Son of Ka-El series show say im dey prepare to take ova from Clark as Superman.

New Superman Bisexual: How dem born dis Bisexual for DC Comics

While di origin story of Jon Kent be say e be combination of different versions of Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

Di current tori say im papa still dey and e dey plan to take over from an dat mean say dem born am.

Avid lovers of di Superman comics however get theory for dat one take happun.

Dem tink say e go dey possible for Human and Kryptonians DNA to combine to born pikin on top say dem resemble.

Howeva, some believe e go hard for Lois Lane to carry di pikin to term except she dey under the red sun, wey dey for di original Krypton.

Anoda theory na say dem use di Gold Kryptonite to make Clark Kent human for long enough.

So im no go process di yello sun so im go fit give Lois Lane belle.

Di Yellow Sun for earth na wetin give Superman im power.

New Superman Bisexual: How im start im journey for DC

Well im first appear for 2015 wia im dey di League of Super-Heroes dey work as Super Boy.

Di character bin waka sotay im feature with Batman pikin, Damien Wayne as Super Sons.

Di new Superman series wey dem call Superman: Son of Kal-El, im wey first comot for July 2021, dey show Jon Kent as di new Superman wey go replace im papa.

New Superman Bisexual: Wetin im dey fight

So far for di series, Superman Jon Kent don fight wild fires wey climate change cause.

E stop one high school shooting and also protest di deportation of refugees.

Di coming out of Superman as bi na anoda way to bring di superhero wey don dey popular for years to 2021.