Efe Ajagba vs Frank Sanchez: Di Cuban flash beat di Nigerian to retain im WBC title – See how e go

Efe dey floor during di seventh round

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Efe react afta a seventh-round knock down by Frank Sanchez during dia heavyweight fight for T-Mobile Arena

Cuban, Frank Sanchez beat Nigerian Efe Ajagba to keep im WBC Continental Americas heavyweight title.

Afta ten rounds di judges rule say Sanchez win by unanimous decision.

Ajagba lose all rounds.

Di 29-year-old Sanchez no really do much to entertain di crowd, but e take im time with di fight in a way wey make am easy for am to win.

How di fight go

Di first two rounds no too carry much power but from di third, di heat come on.

For di seventh round Sanchez drop Ajagba with one strong left hand punch. But Ajagba still manage to stand up before di round end.

Although di fight reach di 10th round, e dey easy for Sanchez to win as e come out with more skills and dey all-round better dan Ajagba.

All in all, although Efe put up fight, E just no dey fast enough to keep up with di strategy and heavy punches from di Cuban flash.

Sanchez dey throw punch during di fight

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Frank Sanchez (L) punch Efe Ajagba during dia heavyweight bout for di T-Mobile Arena on October 09, 2021 for Las Vegas, Nevada.

While all eyes bin dey wait on Fury and Wilder for di main event for di T-Mobile Arena, Saturday undercards bin showcase a mix of some of di finest, di experienced and di prospective talents for di heavyweight division.

Nigerian Efe Ajagba, bin dey boast of a perfect 15 wins from 15 fights as well as di record for di fastest victory in boxing history afta dem disqualify im opponent for leaving di ring one second afta di opening bell.

Ajagba bin claim say e fit “punch harder pass Fury” afta e spar with di Briton.

Ajagba come to global attention for di 2016 Olympics with im memorable knockout of Trinidadian Nigel Paul for di first round of dia bout, and afta Rio de Janeiro e move to di United States and turn professional.

Working with di ogbonge Briton Fury na also memorable experience for Ajagba and e bin dey hope say e go epp am with upcoming fights.

Ajagba face Frank Sanchez for Nevada, wia di undefeated Cuban bin put im WBC Continental Americas heavyweight title on di line.

Many bin regard di 29-year-old Cuban as di favourite and superior boxer, while dem dismiss Ajagba as a power-punching one-trick pony wey no get any skill, as some dey see Wilder.

Ajagba bin dey hope say a win over Sanchez and one or two more fights go put am in di conversation for a shot at di world title soon.