Swingers: Madi Brooks TikTok video where she say ‘her mama and sister dey share her husband’ cause reaction online

Legs of at least three pipo wey dey ontop bed

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One woman revelation say both her and her mama dey sleep wit di same man – and nothing wrong wit am don spark reaction online.

Madi Brooks wey dey live wit her husband for di US, explain inside one TikTok video,

She say if she no dey in di mood, she dey happy for her mum to sleep wit her husband.

Dis na because both Madi, her mama and her husband na swingers, according to wetin she tok.

Dis one mean say dem dey in open relationships, dey exchange sexual partners for swinging parties and events.

Although no be everybody wey dey for open relationship be swingers.

For open relationship, partner dey agree to get relationship wit each other and openly agree to see other pipo. Dem fit do am together, separately, or combination of both.

But swinging na form of social sex wey singles and singles and couples engage in different kinds of sexual sharing or swapping wit each other.

For inside di video, Madi tok say: “Me and my mama na swingers and e dey great,

You know why? Because wen I no dey in di mood I fit just let my husband have her.

“Yeah, I be dat kain wife.

“I let my husband get her a number of days for di week.” She tok.

But no be only her mama she dey share wit husband wit, she also agree say her sister sometimes dey ‘play’ wit her husband.

She say: “You wan know how I dey keep my man happy? I let am play wit my little sister.”

Her videos don since go viral as ova 8 million pipo don watch am and e dey cause pipo to tok for her comment section.

One pesin say: “Dis one na enough TikTok for one year, I don comot!”

“How dat conversation even dey start?” anoda pesin bin ask.

Oda tiktok user also say “I no sabi how pipo fit share but dat na your life.”

Wetin to know about swinging sexual practise

Swinging na to exchange wife, husband or even partners.

Na sexual activity wey some single pipo, married pipo or even partners wey dey committed relationship dey do to sexually engage wit others for recreational purposes.

Pipo wey dey swing partners dey do am for different reasons.

Pipo wey dey do am don describe di reason behind swinging say na to increase di quality and quantity of sex.

Daniel Saynt, wey be founder and chief conspirator of The New Society for Wellness (NSFW), one private members club for di adventurous say, Swingers no dey polyamorous, so dem no dey look for multiple romantic partners,

Saynt say. instead, swingers dey typically look for sex wit limited or no strings attached, so dat dem no go cheat on dia partners.