Pandora Papers: Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta and odas react to Pandora Papers investigation expose on how powerful pipo take make money

Uhuru Kenyatta tell BBC for 2018 say na fighting corruption and promoting transparency im wan leave as im legacy

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Uhuru Kenyatta tell BBC for 2018 say na fighting corruption and promoting transparency im wan leave as im legacy

President Uhuru Kenyatta don react to di Pandora Papers financial leak, wey show say im plus six of im family members dey linked to 13 offshore offshore companies.

For inside statement im tok say im go give a comprehensive response wen im returns from one state visit to di America but for now im wan say:

“Dis reports go go a long way to enhancing di financial transparency and openness wey we need for Kenya and around di globe.

Di movement of illicit funds, proceeds of crime and corruption dey grow for environment of secrecy and darkness.

Di Pandora Papers and subsequent follow up audits go lift di veil of secrecy and darkness for those wey no fit explain dia assets or wealth.”

Di files expose how some of di most powerful pipo for di world wey include 330 politicians from 90 kontris, use secret offshore companies to hide dia money.

Wetin dem reveal so far include:

  • Di family of Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta secret offshore companies wey dem don get for plenty years.
  • Popular Tory donor, Mohammed Amersi wey contribute to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson campaign wey also dey involved for inside one of Europe biggest corruption scandals.
  • King of Jordan Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein wey spend £70m to acquire properties for UK and US wit secretly-owned companies.
  • Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair save £12,000 pounds for stamp duty tax for 2017 to take buy house for London for £6.45m
  • Di leak also link Russian President Vladimir Putin to secret assets for Monaco
  • E show as Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis use £12m take buy two villas fir South of France

Reactions to di Pandora Papers leak

King Abdullah bin marry im Queen Rania since 1993

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King Abdullah bin marry im Queen Rania since 1993
  • Kenya President and im family neva respond to request to comment afta di Pandora Papers investigation wey expose dia secret offshore companies.
  • UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson say all di donations wey di Conservative Party receive dey vetted afta di Pandora Papers leak am say one of im popular supporter, Mohammed Amersi wey contribute to im leadership campaign get hand inside one of Europe biggest scandals.
  • Di White House don vow to “crackdown on unfair tax schemes”, afta di Pandora Papers reveal how di global elite dey hide dia wealth for secretive system.
  • King of Jordan wey dey indicted say e spend more than £70m ($100m) to acquire property empire for di UK and US say di report dey “distorted and exaggerated”.

Di leaked financial documents show network of secretly-owned firms wey King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein bin use to buy 15 homes since he enta power for 1999.

Statement from di Royal Hashemite Court say “no be secret say His Majesty get number of apartments and residences for di US and di UK”.

E dey use dis property during official visits to host officials and foreign dignitaries. Im also dey stay there wit im family during private trips,” na so di statement tok.

  • Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis, wey get election to face later dis week, say revelations about am for di leaked documents na attempt to discredit am ahead of di 8-9 October polls.

Di Pandora Papers show say oga Babis, wey be billionaire, fail to declare im offshore investment company wey e use buy two villas for £12m for di south of France.

Oga Babis say im no do anything wey dey illegal.

  • For Russia, di Kremlin don reject di Pandora Papers’ findings wey leak say President Vladimir Putin get secret assets for Monaco.

Kremlin tok-tok pesin Dmitry Peskov say di investigation “na collection of fairly groundless claims”.

How big be di leak?

How big be di leak

How big di Pandora Papers leak be

Almost 12 million leaked files na im make up di Pandora Papers.

Dem come from 14 financial services companies for kontris wey include di British Virgin Islands, Panama, Belize, Cyprus, di United Arab Emirates, Singapore and Switzerland.

Dis work na di biggest journalism partnership in history.

Wetin Offshore mean

Di Pandora Papers reveal complex networks of companies wey dem dey set up and fit lead to hidden ownership of money and assets.

For example, someone fit get property for di UK, fit get am through chain of companies wey dey based for other kontris, or “offshore”.

  • E dey easy to set up companies
  • Laws dey wey make am difficult to sabi who get di companies
  • E get low or no corporation tax

Most times dem dey call di destinations tax havens or secrecy jurisdictions.

Di most known destinations be British Overseas Territories like di Cayman Islands and di British Virgin Islands, plus kontris like Switzerland and Singapore.

Di Pandora Papers wey involve more than 600 journalists for 117 kontris use 14 months to investigate how some of dis pipo take get dia money.

Di data wey dey obtained by di International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) for Washington DC, bin work wit more dan 140 media organisations on top dis global investigation wey be di biggest ever.

BBC Panorama and di Guardian na dem lead di investigation for di UK.