Chiwetalu Agu: ‘I bin dey share N10,000 bread’ – Nollywood actor explain wetin im dey do as army arrest am

Nollywood actor Chiwetalu Agwu don explain give army wetin im bin dey do before dem arrest am inside one video wey dey make di round for social media wey BBC Pidgin carry eye see.

Dis one dey come afta tori break on Thursday say army arrest di actor wey wia attire made up of di Biafra flag.

But for im defence, di actor say no be true.

“I fit wear am, my vehicle dey parked for Centre of Upper Iweka. Dis na rising sun, not Biafra, not Eastern Security Network you understand. With my education I know where to go and not to go.” Di actor tok.

Inside di video, we hear di voice of one of di pipo wey dey di background say “e Tara pipo for ova 30 minutes”. But di actor wey bin dey in di midst of army officers for inside where he like office also explain wetin im bin dey do.

“I bin dey buy bread, #10,000 own and dey share am. No campaign, no nothing. No demonstration no carrying pipo along.” Di actor tok for di video.

Earlier on, army bin don explain why Dem arrest di actor.

According to statement from di army HQ, dem arrest am as im dey ginger members of di public and for support for di proscribed Indegenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Dem add say dem pick di actor wey wear di cloth attire of di proscribed group, for questioning and although im bin resist wen di troops make effort to take am into custody, dem say dem no assault or brutalize am.

Di statement also add say while di NA recognize di rights of citizens to freedom of movement and expression as e dey for di constitution of di Federal Republic of Nigeria, na also violation for any individual or group to incite di public to cause mayhem or break down of law and order.