Abdulrasheed Maina son, Faisal don chop 14 years for prison for money laundering

One federal high court for Abuja don sentence Faisal, di son of Abdulrasheed Maina, former chairman of defunct Pension Reform Taskforce Team, to 14 years for prison.

Justice Okon Abang na im sama di sentence on Thursday, 7 October, 2021.

Faisal dey go jail sake of money laundering and false declaration of assets.

Im bin dey convicted of 3-count charge.

Wetin be di charges?

Operating Anonymous Company: According to Justice Okon Abang, Faisal Abdulrasheed dey operate one company wey no get name according to law, di company name na ‘Alhaji Faisal Abdullahi Farms’.

Him dey use di company name to operate ghost bank accounts, and im dey abuse am kolet plenti money from im papa, Abdulrasheed.

For dis charge im chop 14 years imprisonment.

D court session wey hold for Abuja on 7 October

D court session wey hold for Abuja on 7 October

Anoda offence be say, Faisal know say di money dem wey dey enta im account come from criminal process, so for dis offence im go spend 5 years for prison, and anoda 5 years for count 3.

Justice Okon Abang rule say Faisal go close di company and forfeit di Company, to goment and return di 58.1 million naira wey him launder through di ghost company to goment.

Justice Okon also order Federal goment to use all lawful means extradite (return) Faisal back to Nigeria, so dat him go start im imprisonment.

All di jail terms go begin count di same time.