Northern governors meeting: Di forum condemn southern governors call to zone presidency to south

Governors from di 19 northern states for Nigeria don declare as unconstitutional di stand of their southern states colleagues say di kontri next president suppose come from dia region.

Di govnors wey gada under di platform of di Northern States Govnors Forum for one emergency meeting dem hold for Kaduna state goment house on Monday condemn di statement, say e contradict di constitution.

According to di govnors for dia resolutions, zoning of di office of di president as dia southern govnors dey call for dey against di provisions of di 1999 constitution amended.

“Di Forum observe say some Northern States Governors don earlier express views for a power-shift to three Geo-Political Zone for di South wit view to promote unity and peace for di kontri.”

“Notwithstanding dia comments, di forum togeda condemn di statement by di Southern Governors Forum say di Presidency must go to di South.”

“Di statement dey quite contradictory wit di provision of di Constitution of di Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999) as amended.”

Dem say according to di constitution, any president wey dey elected must meet di constitutional requirements wey include;

  • Scoring di majority votes
  • Must score at least 25% of di votes for 2/3 States of di Federation.
  • In di case of run up, simple majority go win di election.

Dia reaction dey come afta Southern Governors from 17 states earlier repeat dia position say di next president of Nigeria must come from di Southern part of di kontri in line wit politics, equity, justice and fairness.

Another ogbonge issue dem discuss for di emergency meeting na di mata of Value Added Tax (VAT) wey some state govnors dey drag wit di federal goment on who suppose dey collect VAT.

Di northern govnors say dem dey aware say di case still dey court and e no go dey okay if dem take decision on di issue.

However, dem dey of di position say di southern govnors wey don express support for states to collect VAT dey confuse am wit sales tax and if every state make dia own VAT law, e go lead to multiple taxation.

On di issue of security for di region, di northern govnors hail di military fight against bandits and insurgents for di area.