Pere and Angel BBNaija housemates return to Big Brother house afta dem play di ‘Double Jeorpardy’ game – See how e hapun

Pere and Angel dey go back inside BBNaija house afta dem lay di ‘Double Jeorpardy’ game.

Biggie make dis announcement as reward for di work dem put in during di ‘Double Jeorpardy’ game dem play.

Dem bin get task to dismantle some sets of toy trucks and count di pieces.

At di end of di task. Angel bin get 56 parts why Pere get 54 parts just di required amount.

Angel exceed with two parts.

But Biggie say e decide to reward both of dem becos of dia hard work.

Di two housemates later return to di hosue as di oda housemates, Emmanuel, Liquorose, Cross and Whitemoney bin shock to see dem.

Di Twist

Biggie bin ask di housemates to do wetin di host Ebuka bin call di ‘Double Jeorpardy’ game wen dem see di green light go on for inside di white room dem bin put dem.

Di game bin involve some toy trucks and machines dem pack put ontop one big toy truck.

Di task na for dem to dismantle am wen di light go on and di first to finish without breaking any part of di toy truck go win di game.

Di winner of di game according to wetin biggie bin tok go get di chance to waka go back di house to continue di race for di 90 million naira with di oda four housemates for di last week of di show.

Na Pere bin see di light go on in di afternoon first before e alert Angel and dem bin begin work to dismantle di toy trucks.

Sunday eviction

Earlier on Sunday, Ebuka bin call Pere in front of di housemates say e chop eviction, but e later say e comot di house but not di show.

E later call Angel as di second housemate to chop fake eviction from di show.

Dis na di twist wey biggie bin warn about earlier on in di day.

Afta di live eviction show, dem show Angel and Pere for di white room where biggie say dem go play a game wey go determine which one of dem go walk back into di house and which one go stay back.

Pere fans protest

Internet bin don dey hot since Sunday evening as many pipo plus Pere fans and odas criticise di twist big brother bin bring come di game.

Dis na as di voting charts bin show say Pere bin get more votes pass Angel.

Di fans bin feel say no need to bring di twist come di game.

On Monday, some Pere fans no gree hear di calm down statement wey im management bin release, dem still carry waka go DSTV head office dey halla we no go gree.

Di fans bin wear different T-shirts wey dem write tins like “Patriots for General and wey get Pere picture, etc.

Meanwhile, Emmanuel win di Head of House game on Monday to become di last HoH for di season.

As e be so, di top six na Emmanuel, Liquorose, Cross, Whitemoney, Pere and Angel. On Sunday go be di last day of di show and go determine who go go home with di grand prize of 90million naira.