Rwandan hotel hero: Paul Rusesabagina dey convicted of terror charges, Paul Kaigame react

Paul Rusesabagina: Rwandan hotel manager chop conviction on terror charges

Paul Rusesabagina refused to appear in court for most of the trial

Paul Rusesabagina – Rwandan hotel manager don chop court conviction say e dey guilty of terror-related crimes.

Rusesabagina na man wey pipo see as hero for film as a life-saving hero during di 1994 Rwandan genocide.

Court find Paul Rusesabagina, age 67, guilty of supporting a rebel group from exile wey kill nine civilians for 2018.

Im family don allege sey dem carry am by force enter Rwanda. Dem also say e no get fair trial.

Rusesabagina journey from celebrated figure to state enemy happen as e continue to criticise goment.

Initially dem bin hail am for wetin e do to prevent di killing of some pipo during di genocide.

In a period of 100 days from April 1994, na 800,000 pipo, mostly from di Tutsi ethnic group, dem slaughter.

For di Oscar-nominated movie Hotel Rwanda, Rusesabagina, wey Don Cheadle play, show as hotel manager wey manage to protect more dan 1,000 pipo.

Dis pipo bin dey find shelter. But some survivors don also kwesion dis version of event.

As Rusesabagina profile rise sake of di 2005 movie, im decision to always criticise di post-genocide goment and President Paul Kagame come gain plenty audience.

E tok about human rights abuse and allege say goment dey target Hutus.

As e dey live for exile, Rusesabagina go on to lead one opposition coalition, wey get armed wing – di National Liberation Front (FLN).

For one 2018 video message, e call for regime change saying “di time don come for us to use any means possible to bring about change for Rwanda”.

Dem accuse di FLN of carrying out attacks for 2018 wia authorities say nine pipo die. Rusesabagina say e no tell anybody to target civilians but latr gree sey im send money to di group.

Rusesabagina family say dem kidnap and forcefully carry am enter Rwanda last year.

But for court, one witness tok about how e bin trick Rusesabagina enter one plane for Dubai by telling am sey di flight dey go to neighbouring Burundi.

E withdraw from di trial for March dis year, shortly afta di matter start saying dem no dey give am fair hearing.

Im daughter, Carine Kanimba, tell BBC Newsday programme sey her father no get proper access to im lawyers and say di president na “di only judge for di court”.

Twenty odas na im dey try alongside Rusesabagina, some of dem wey be members of di FLN wey implicate am for dia evidence.

Di prosecution don ask for a life sentence for Rusesabagina.

President Paul Kaigame tok about Rwanda genocide

Paul Rusesabagina: Rwandan hotel manager dey convicted of terror charges, Rwanda President Paul Kaigame

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Rwanda President Paul Kaigame

Rwanda President don tok sey some African kontris still dey experience coup because dem no dey pay attention to dia history.

President Paul Kaigame say for example di Rwanda genocide na a part of di history wey no suppose “re-occurr”.

Oga Kaigame dey tok during one sidon wey e get wit young pipo for Kigali.

E sey African kontris no need wait for any kontri or organization to dictate wetin dey happen for dia konri.

“We don learn our lessons from di genocide wey happen.

Part of di tins wey we do to restore peace for Rwanda na to bring everybody back together.

Even pipo wey get questionable character we put dem for goment.

Political discontent na im dey cause coup for some African kontris.

E dey happen among di elites no be among ordinary pipo because dem no get say for wetin influential pipo dey plan,” President Kaigame tok