Guinness World Records 2022: Zion Clark fastest man on two hands tori and im inspiring message to both pipo living with disability and odas

Meet Zion Clark, e be di Guinness World Records holder for di fastest pesin to do 20m with im bare hands.

Clark wey dem born without legs wey from United States of America na entrepreneur, motivational speaker, actor, author and athlete, but now, e don add anoda new accolade to list – record breaker.

According to Guinness World Records, 23 years old Zion attempt di fastest 20m walking on hands on 15 February 2021 for im former high school gym for Massillon, Ohio, USA.

E smash di record in a time of 4.78 seconds.

“Everybody dey excited, I dey excited, my girlfriend dey excited… na just one moment man!” E tok.

Di road to Zion success was certainly not easy, and filled with many trials and tribulations.

However he continually pushes himself beyond his limits to obtain his goals, spurred on by a simple phrase; “no excuses”.

“I will always work with what I’ve got because I don’t really have any other cards that are dealt to me… I’ve got to play them the right way so I can be successful and win the card game.”

From day one, Zion experienced challenges many will never have to.

Zion tori

Dem born Zion with Caudal Regression Syndrome, one rare condition wey come with abnormal development of di lower (caudal) end of di spine.

“For my case, my birth mother no take care of her body at all while she dey pregnant with me, she bin dey on a multitude of different drugs, and na im cause me to get di defects,” Zion tok.

“E make my life harder from di beginning because I get to go through two different surgeries for my back, just so I go ft sit up straight.”

Dem bin put up Zion for adoption soon afta dem born am for 16 years, e go through foster care system, with di hope to find a permanent family.

During im journey, Zion experience bullying, mental abuse and underfeeding for di homes dem bin put am. Despite facing all dis challenges, e bin always remain hopeful.

Zion later dey adopted by im mama, Kimberli Hawkins, wey bin don always dream of having a son.

Di two share ogbonge incredible bond and Zion say im adoption na di best thing to ever happen to am.

Zion tok about im troubles and challenges while growing up. Wen e start school, he face bullying from some of di oda children but e decide say to always move forward.

“If I fit talk to all those people wey bully me, beat me up and really disrespect me, you know wetin I go say? I go say thank you. Because e really make me stronger.”

“Di world na wicked place, e dey up to you to decide how to live in it.”

Na for elementary school Zion dey introduced to wrestling, e later become an incredible wrestler for high school.

“I dey go two or three wrestling practises a day for seven days a week for three months straight.

“Man, by di time my senior year of high school reach I become one of di best guys in di state.”

“Di message I go give to kids with disabilities or anyone with a disability go be – e go dey hard, but if you get di heart and di determination, you fit go and get wetin be yours. Weda you dey disabled or not disabled, di message na di same.”

For di future, Zion get eyes for di Olympics and winning more medals dan Michael Phelps, wey currently be di most decorated Olympian of all time.

E wan become di first American athlete to compete for both the Olympic (wrestling) and Paralympic (wheelchair racing) games for 2024.