NYSC security advice: Wetin NYSC tell corps members wey wan travel on ‘high-risk roads’ in case of Kidnap?

NYSC statement and NYSC Security Tips


Social media for Nigeria don catch fire sake of one document inside one video wey show say di NYSC advice corps members to tell dia family, friends or colleagues if dem wan travel on “high-risk road” so dem go get who go pay dia ransom in case of kidnap.

Pipo para say dat kain tin no suppose dey di handbook as NYSC suppose ensure di security and safety of corpers wey dey dia care, especially at a time citizens dey ask goment and security agencies to step up and address insecurity situation for di kontri.

BBC Pidgin do small investigate to “clarify issues” concerning dis mata.

Wetin NYSC tell corps members wey wan travel on “high-risk roads” in case of Kidnap?
The British Broadcasting Corporation

Dis fact check na to find out weda NYSC advise dia corps members to make sure dem get family, friend or colleague wey go pay dia ransom if dem kidnap dem as dem dey travel along “high-risk roads.”

Di question na weda dis advise dey inside Nigeria National Youth Service Corp (NYSC ) “Security Awareness and Education Handbook for Corp Members and Staff” abi e no dey?

Di ansa na, yes e dey inside di security awareness handbook.

Wetin NYSC tok about am?

However, di NYSC release statement for dia official Facebook page to deny say notin like dat dey inside dia Security Tips pamphlet.

“Management wan to emphasise say di clause wey dem quote no dey inside di NYSC Security Tips pamphlet wey one highly respected retire security expert put togeda.

“Management want to beg di general public to always clarify issues.”

Copy of di NYSC Security Tips


To fact check wetin be di truth of di mata, BBC collect di “Security Awareness and Education Handbook for Corp Members and Staff,” from different corps members wey dey serve for different parts of Nigeria.


On page 58-59 di tip say: “Wen you dey travel on high-risk roads like Abuja-Kaduna, Abuja-Lokoja-Okene or Aba Port Harcourt roads, den alert your family members, friends and colleagues so dat you go get pesin wey dey ground to pay off di ransom wey dem fit demand.”

Wetin NYSC dey about?

Di Nation Youth Service Corp na one year service scheme wey dey mandatory for graduates of Nigeria tertiary institutions wey dey under di age of 30.

Statutorily under di scheme, young graduates from di kontri southern region go get posting to di Northern region and vice versa.

Dem go receive three weeks compulsory para-military training before dem go post dem to schools, hospitals, banks and other private and public establishments.

So far, insecurity palava for di kontri don also affect di scheme as report of cases of Corp members wey kidnapping and banditry threats don affect dey on di rise.