Tonto Dike and Prince Kpokpogiri: Nollwood star call out ex-lover for alleged ‘blackmail’ plus how e respond

Nollywood actress Tonto Dike don call out her ex-lover Prince Kpokpogiri again for allegedly blackmailing her.

Inside Instagram post to her 6.9 million followers, di popular actress say make prince sop dey run and present imsef to ansa for di allegations against am.

“Afa I listen to these leaked voice note between JOSEPH EGBRI(fake name Prince kpokpogri) and merit, I personally call off my relationship with a man I bin honestly LOVE.”

Now dis one no dey enough for blackmail and lies but e dey all good and great.


All we dey ask na to come ansa to di law for your illegal recording and release of my private moments (A CRIME) wey happen months back before I actually respectfully end dis relationship, extortion(A CRIME), blackmail(A CRIME) amongst oda tins, allegations about you.” She tok.

Di actor end di post by asking her ex-lover to allow di law to operate.

“My darling JOSEPH EGBRI e go dey only fair enough for you to allow di law operate..

If dis na made up allegations you no need to fear, FOR A CLEAN HEART FEAR NOTHING..

But you need to stop running and face di consequences of your actions.” Tonto tok.

Prince Kpokpogiri reaction

E no too tey afta Tonto post wey prince respond.

According to am, e hands dey clean and e also too bin genuinely love Tonto wen dem dey togeda.

“My awesome T, like I call you

Knowing you bin dey pleasurable. E go be a disservice to di institution called love if I say I regret knowing you as no be so. E fit be short memory but e go last a life time.

Did I love you? Absolutely yes. For your weaknesses and vulnerability, I still love you and bin ready to walk you through the challenges of life.” Kpokpogiri tok.

Although Kpokpogiri no directly tok about di issue of di blackmail of Tonto, e add for im statement for im Instagram page say im hand dey clean and wetin cause dia break-up na anoda mata not di issue of di voice note.

“In our hurts, we do not burn bridges for we go always cross dem again. Na dis rule I dey live by all my life.

Countless times, I complain to our mutual friends of how tired I dey of your heavy smoking and drinking. I make am clear say I go to walk away if e continue yet you never stop or make effort despite my willingness to stand by you till you gradually stop.

Dis na wetin break us up and no be di voice note.

I don live and dey live a clean life. No amount of blackmail fit pull me down.” Prince tok.

How Tonto Dike and Prince Kpokpogiri relationship take start?

For July 2021, di actress bin officially confam say she dey in a relationship with Prince Kpokpogri.

Di Nollywood actor tag Prince Kpokpogri inside social media post where she dey count her blessings and also refer to am as her ‘husband’.

She say “I ADORE YOU @kpokpogri @kingandre_dikeh and all our kids. Thank you to MY HUSBAND.”

For di video she post for her verified Instagram handle, e show her and Prince Kpokpogiri for di graduation ceremony of her son, King Andre, di son she get wit her ex-husband Churchill Olakunle.

Madam Tonto write say God don answer one of her secret prayers as e give her man wey stand wit her as her head and as a father to her son.

She thank God for her new status as she declare say if “happiness na pesin, e for be her.”

Tori of her new found love begin fly wen she celebrate di birthday of di man she claim say she dey in love wit, wit big cake and plenty gifts. Although she no mention name and she bin no post any foto for di post.

Plenty pipo bin congratulate her and say dem happy for her.

Prince Kpokpogri too enta social media to unveil Tonto Dike and e say she dey blessed among women, im don later delete di post.

Prince Kpokpogiri come from Isoko, Delta state.

Pipo bin no too know am till e come into limelight recently during im birthday for 27 June 2021 afta tori carry am say na im be di new man wey dey Tonto Dike life.