BBNaija S6: Big Brother replace Head of House challenge wit ultimate veto power game Emmanuel win

Big Brother cancel Head of House game wey supose happun on Monday inside di Shine Ya Eye TV Reality.

Biggie also change eviction nominations wit ultimate veto power for di housemates.

All dis day happun as di housemates for Nigeria biggest TV reality show face di last eviction nomination.

Any pesin wey survive dis week go enta di last week of di grand finale.

But instead of di usual Head of House challenge to give wey for weekly eviction nomination, Biggie bring new twist.

Di ultimate veto power game na about points.

Each housemate dey expected to gather as many points as possible.

And at di end of di game, di housemate wit di most point go win di ultimate veto power.

If tie dey, a sudden death game na im dem go play to determine di winner.

For di rules of di ultimate veto power game – four obstacle lanes go serve as a race track.

Di challenge then na to pick ping pong balls from one point to anoda end.

Each lane get a different level of difficulty. Di less difficulty a housemate face, di less point dem go make.

Lane one get 10 points, lane two get 30 points for each with ball wihile lane three get 50 points.

Lane four get di most difficult challenge wit 80 points as e get a poll of water before a housemate go pick black balls for dia.

If di ball fall off while dem dey cari di object dem go start all over again.

Na only wen dem cross di line dem fit touch di ball and dem must stick to di marked lines for dia points to count.

Di winner of di ultimate veto power game go dey crowned as di ultimate veto power holder for dis week.

Di winner go get reward of immunity and power to choose di head of house.

Each housemate go get exactly two minutes to run di course and score as many points as dem fit.

Wit a total of 470 points, Emmanuel win di ultmate veto power.

E mean say Emmanuel place for di grand finale dey guaranteed.

Afta Biggie make am di ultimate veto power holder, Emmanuel appoint Liquorose as Head of House and Cross as Deputy Head of House.

Whitemoney handover di HOH emblem to Liquorose.

Di rest of di of di housemates dey all up for possible eviction dis week.

Whitemoney, Pere, Angel, Saga, Nini and Queen dey at risk of being evicted from di TV reality show dis week.