Kwame Nkrumah quotes, biography and what to know about de Ghanaian late politician and memorial day

Ghana dey celebrate Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Day to mark 112th birthday of the Independence fighter. Ghanaians set dis day aside as holiday to remember de sacrifices wey Nkrumah make which result in de country becoming de first independent African country.

Dem born Kwame Nkrumah on 21st September, 1909 wey he die on 27th April 1972.

He be Ghanaian politician, political theorist, and African revolutionary leader who champion Pan-Africanism as strategy to unite Africa as one.

He be de first Prime Minister and President of Ghana, afta e lead de Gold Coast to independence from Britain for 1957.

Ogbonge advocate of Pan-Africanism, Nkrumah be founding member of de Organization of African Unity and winner of de Lenin Peace Prize from de Soviet Union for 1962.

In February 1966, while Nkrumah travel out of Ghana on official visit to North Vietnam den China, a group of military and police officials stage coup d’├ętat to overthrow am.Joseph Arthur Ankrah of de National Liberation Council den Lt. Gen. Emmanuel Kotoko be two notable persons wey take responsibility for de coup.


Kwame Nkrumah graduate from Achimota College for 1930, he start en career as teacher for Roman Catholic junior schools for Elmina and Axim.

Over de years, he develop interest inside politics so he travel go United States to further en education.

He gain admission for Lincoln University, Pennsylvania around 1935.

He obtain Bachelors Degree in Theology in 1939, wey he go on to read master’s degrees for University of Pennsylvania.

He study literature of socialism, where he himself in de theories of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin, nationalism wey Black American leader, Marcus Garvey champion in de 1920s.

En career in politics take off when he become de president of African Students’ Organization of tUnited States and Canada.

He leave United States in May 1945 for England, where he organize de 5th Pan-African Congress in Manchester.

Return to Ghana after school

Nkrumah return to Ghana in 1947 to take up de position of United Gold Coast Convention (UGCC) in 1947 upon invitation from de party leadership.

But he split from de UGCC to form Convention Peoples Party (CPP) on basis of de approach to independence struggle.

He champion de approach of ‘self govment now’ as opposed to de UGCC ‘ who propose for ‘self govment in shortest possible time.’

Independence struggle

As part of en fight for Independence, Nkrumah lead civil unrest movements which land him inside jail for one year.

But while in jail, Gold Coast hold de first general election on February 8, 1951 where de CPP candidate, Kwame Nkrumah win de elections.

De British Colonial Administration release Nkrumah from prison to become leader of government business of Gold Coast in 1952.

Over de years, he continue to push for self govmemt until de British grant Ghana independence on 6th March, 1957.

1960: Ghana become Republic with new constitution

Kwame Nkrumah (center) dey wave to crowd during 6th March, 1957 declaration of Ghana as Independent state from British Colony

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Kwame Nkrumah (center) dey wave to crowd during 6th March, 1957 declaration of Ghana as Independent state from British Colony

On 1st July, 1960 Dr Kwame Nkrumah declare Ghana as Republic wey he become de country en first President.

De 1960 Republic signify de final exit of British Colonialists from Ghana as dem finally hand over all de affairs of governance give de country dema indigenous leaders.

As a Republic, Ghana introduce dema own constitution dey take govern de country under Kwame Nkrumah.

But Kwame Nkrumah, de main brain behind de fight wey make Ghana secure independence unfortunately no stay power keep.

Around February 1966, General Kotoka den en squad overthrow am from power while he dey outside de country.

Economic growth and Rapid industrialization

Ghana under Kwame Nkrumah experience de fastest industrial growth in de history of de country.

He create job opportunities for Ghana which turn one of de wealthiest and industrial countries for Africa.

Ghana turn major exporter of Cocoa worldwide under, increase gold production, he build de largest man made lake Volta River which dey generate electricity to de whole Ghana to date.

He build chaw roads, most popular among dem be Tema Motorway.

Also, he champion massive industrial drive, he turn de entire city of Tema into industrial hub.

Inside Ten Year Development Plan, Nkrumah bring de Second Development Plan in 1959, start plans for development of 600 industrial factories.

He also build schools, railways, hospitals, introduce social security system and more.

Nkrumah build de Ghanaian economy on de idea of self reliance, he argue say Africa for fit engage in trade independently else dem go end up in new form of colonialism called – now-colonialism.

Most popular Nkrumah quotes

Portrait of Nkrumah, leader of Ghana from 1957-1966

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Portrait of Nkrumah, leader of Ghana from 1957-1966

De most notable quote of Nkrumah dey include

“I prefer freedom in danger than servitude in tranquility”

Dis be wan message on de need for Africans to be free from colonial rulers.

“De independence of Ghana is meaningless unless it is linked up with de total liberation of Africa”

Over here, Nkrumah dey champion pan African agenda for African countries to unite under one leader, but dis never happen until he die for Conakry, Guinea following en overthrow.