Epra fuel prices today: Latest fuel prices in Kenya as at September 15

Epra fuel prices today: Latest fuel prices in kenya as at September 15

Fuel na one of di biggest contributors to Kenya cost of living

Latest fuel prices in Kenya as at September 15 dey provoke Kenyans.

Epra – di energy regulator – wey dey set fuel prices for di kontri announce di increase on Tuesday September 14.

Now citizens of di East African nation dey para on top social media sake of increase in fuel price for di kontri.

Dem increase di price to over 130 shillings ($1.2; £0.9) per litre – di highest so far.

Petrol prices don dey rise steadily for di kontri sake of global increase in crude oil prices plus increase in taxation locally.

However, in di last two months, di goment dey compensate fule marketers make di price for no change.

But on Tuesday evening, Epra announce increase in petrol prices across di kontri plus 6% rise to 134.72 shillings for di capital Nairobi.

Fuel na one of di things wey dey cost high standard of living as manufacturers and producers go increase di price of consumer goods.

E go also lead to transport and energy cost.

“You no fit sustain economy by inflicting more pain on di common citizen (increased cost of living}.

“Before you no camel back go break,” Chibanzi Mwachonda tok.

“[Di cost of] water don go up, fuel price increase, electricity money don increase, dem increase transport fare dis morning, prices food stuffs don high…]” another Kenyan write.