Major Christopher Datong NDA: How Nigeria Army rescue NDA Datong wey bandits kidnap

Remember Major Christopher Datong?

E be dat Army officer wey bandits kidnap on August 24, 2021 for Nigerian Defence Academy.

Nigerian Army say on Friday night dem rescue di Army officer wey dem kidnap during one attack on Nigeria Defence Academy inside Kaduna.

Gunmen attack di top military school and kidnap Major Datong after killing two of im colleagues.

Di officer remain wit di captors for nearly four weeks.

Colonel Ezindu Idimah, Army PRO for 1 Division Kaduna confam di soja release for inside statement.

How we rescue Major Christopher Datong – Nigerian Army

Nigerian Army say one joint military rescue operation n aim dem carri out to rescue Major Christopher Datong.

Army spokesman Col. Ezindu Idima tok for statement say di operation led to di “destruction of plenti identified bandits’ camps for di Afaka- Birnin Gwari general area.”

Bandits wey pass 20 dey reportedly killed, di statement add.

Idima explain say di rescued officer sustain a minor injury during di rescue operation.

And dem don treat for one medical facility before dem hand am over to di authorities of Nigeria Defence Academy “for further action”.

Di August 24 attack on Nigeria Defence Academy bin spark widespread fear over worsening insecurity across di west African nation.

Many bin describe di killings and abduction inside di top military facility by armed men as embarrassing.

Who be Major Stephen Datong?

Major Datong come from Pankshin local goment of Plateau state and dem born am on January 1st 1978.

Im be di officer dey in charge of di medical laboratory for inside di Nigeria Defence Academy.

Recent photo wey dey circulate for social media, show di officer wit im pregnant wife but for di time of dis report, e neva clear if di couple get oda children.

Di Nigeria Defence Academy or Nigeria Army neva still release any information about im situation at di moment.

How di attack bin happen?

Di incident happen on Tuesday morning wen according to eyewitnesses, bandits catch di sojas unaware.

Di management of di Nigerian Defence Academy come confam say true-true di attack happen.

Major Christopher Datong NDA: How Nigeria Army rescue NDA Datong wey bandits kidnap

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Nigerian Army soldiers

Major Bashir Muhd Jajira, di Academy Public Relations Officer for statement say di attack happen for midnight and confirm say dem kill two soja while dem carry one go.

E come tok say di military don launch operation to find di kidnapped soja.

“Di Academy plus di 1Division Nigerian Army and Air Training Command wit oda security agencies for Kaduna state don start to pursue di unknown gunmen and track plus rescue di abducted personnel.”

Some say e dey daring and fit be indication of Nigeria terrible security situation.

Di incident happen as armed groups continue to kill and kidnap people for ransom especially inside di northwest and central Nigeria.