UN report on Nigeria: Unicef say one million children fit miss school for Nigeria

Kidnapping of students dey increase for Nigeria


UN don tok say one million Nigerian children go likely stay away from school.

Di threat of violence afta series of mass kidnappings and attacks wey dey target students dis year, na im UN sight.

UN children agency Unicef raise di concern for one press conference dis week.

Criminal gangs for Nigeria don kidnap ova 1,000 pupils in mass abductions for di kontri northwest and central states since December and dozens still dey for captivity.

Unicef say e bin get 20 attacks on schools for Nigeria dis year and dem don take more than 1,400 pupils and 16 don die.

Dem don release most of dem afta negotiations, but only afta weeks or months for captivity, often in appalling conditions for rural camps.

“Families and communities dey to send children back to dia classrooms sake of di spate of school attacks and student abductions,” Unicef tok for one statement.

Kidnapping of students dey increase for Nigeria


More than 37 million Nigerian children dey due to start di new school year dis month, di agency tok, while an estimated one million no go likely return.

Some state goments don temporarily close up schools afta kidnappings.

Northwest and central states don long struggle wit tit-for-tat violence between nomadic herder and farmer communities wey battle over land and water.

Attacks escalate wit di emergence of heavily armed criminal gangs, wey dem sabi locally as bandits, wey dey raid villages, steal cattle and kidnap for ransom.

Bandit gangs dis year don target schools and colleges for Nigeria northwest, dey snatch pupils and take dem into forest hideouts as dem dey negotiate payments.

Around 70 students wey dem kidnap nearly two weeks ago regain freedom dis week for northwest Zamfara State, wia di army don start one offensive against bandit kidnap gangs.