Dsylexia – Disorder: Dyslexia explained as BBNaija Housemate Cross, Aisha Yesufu reveal

Dyslexia become topic of discussion for Nigeria social media space sake of wetin happun for Big Brother Naija reality show.

One of di housemates, Cross, reveal im condition afta anoda housemates yab im thinking ability.

“Nine out of ten pipo smart pass me academically. I be 31-year-old.

“And most part of my life I dey always try as much as possible to get by academically.”

Cross say im no sabi say im dey dyslexic till im cousin point am out.

“E dey sad to see dat part of me, but dat na my life.” Cross reveal am.

Popular Nigerian activist Aisha Yesufu also share a social media post using di hash tag #Dsylexia.

Yesufu bin dey dance wit her children for di video wit di caption “Wen dem don tell you say your son no go fit go university.

Wen you don prepare your mind say im no go be graduate and God prove you wrong!”.

Di human rights campaigner reveal say her son get dyslexia.

“At 14 we carry am go one school for England, today at 22 im don become graduate.”

Dis two don make pipo begin tok about wetin e mean for pesin to get di condition dem call dyslexia.

BBC Pidgin enta research mode and dis na wetin we find out about am.

Dsylexia: Wetin be Dyslexia disorder wey BBNaija Housemate Cross, Aisha Yesufu make viral

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File foto of one student wey dey read for Library

Wetin be Dyslexia?

Dyslexia na learning difficulty wey plenti pipo get. Science say one of of 10 pipo na im dey get am including adults and children.

If pesin get dyslexia, e fit dey difficult for am to read, write or spell.

E no dey affect intelligence and e no be disease or illness – na condition wey dem dey born pesin wit.

Wetin e be like to get dyslexia?

Some pipo dey learn special techniques to help dem to live wit dyslexia on dia own.

Odas fit need special support to help dem to do live wit di condition.

Reports bin show say even though di condition dey common, e get plenty pipo wey no sabi say dem get get am.

And dis one mean say dem neva go check wit doctor.

Like many learning difficulties and conditions, no be everybodi wit dyslexia get di same experience.

Some pipo fit dey struggle wit dia reading and writing, while another pesin wit dyslexia fit find maths more tricky.

One experience wey dey common na make pesin dey find am difficult to remember things.

Anoda way wey pipo wit dyslexia fit dey experience di condition na to dey see say words dey move about on di page wen dem dey to read.

Dis onw fit make school work difficult to complete without special help and support.

Dsylexia: Wetin be Dyslexia disorder wey BBNaija Housemate Cross, Aisha Yesufu make viral

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How you fit manage dyslexia?

E get a lot of different ways wey children wit dyslexia fit manage dia condition. E dey also depend on dia experience of am and how e affect dem.

Some children wey dey struggle to remember things fit use voice recorder to set reminders.

Children wey dey get trouble to readi fit use one coloured overlay ontop of di text to help dem read.

Odas fit benefit from special learning techniques or personal tutoring.

Wetin dey cause dyslexia?

Na differences in di language areas of di brain and di connections between dem dey cause dyslexia .

E dey run in families and e fit affect pipo of any age from any kontri.

Wetin fit cure dyslexia?

Dem no fit cure am and pipo wey dem born wit am dey get am all dia lives.

But dem fit manage dyslexia if di pesin get di right support .

Pipo wit dyslexia fit become as successful as somebody without di condition – like successful businessman Sir Richard Branson.

Tins you no suppose say to pesin wey get dyslexia

For one interview wey BBC II! do wit some pipo wey dey deal wit di condition, dem tok about wetin dem no go like make oda pipo say to dem.

Some of dem no wan make pipo point am to dem say dem no like dey read

Dem also no like make pipo dey tell dem “You just need to focus”, dis one dey make dem feel say dem no dey try enough.

‘Most of us like to go on our own space’, one of dem tok.

Oda talks dem mention na: “You no go eva amount to anythin”

“Why you dey always take longer for exams?”

“Dont worry, you go grow out of am”

Tori be say dem no dey grow out of am but instead dem dey grow into coping and managing di condition.