Nigerian Air Force fighter jets kill civilians for Buwari village in Nigeria northeast

Nigerian Air Force fighter jets kill civilians for Buhari village in Nigeria northeast


Nigerian Air Force [NAF] don admit say dia fighter jets kill civilians for Buwari village in Nigeria northeast.

NAF say di fighter jets shooting on Wednesday wey kill 9 pipo and wounjure about 20 for Yobe State na mistake.

Air Commodore Edward Gabkwet, di tok tok pesin for Nigeria Airforce say dem regret wetin happun.

Earlier Airforce bin comot to deny say na dia plane kill di civilians immediately after eyewitnesses tok to tori pipo about wetin happun.

For statement wey wey be release on Thursday, dem add say di area na place wey Boko Haram dey active na why dia pilot fire some ‘probing’ shots.

Dem don set up committee to investigate wetin happun, di Nigerian Air Force add.

On Wednesday eyewitnesses for di Yobe village tell BBC how di fighter jets kill dia pipo.

Di eyewitnesses tok say dem wake up on in di morning to see about three fighter jets in di sky dey circulate dia town.

Na after sometime di jet begin spray fire wey lead to some deaths according to pesin wey lose relatives for wetin happun.

“Na around 8:30 am we begin see the jets, very big and na after some time dem begin spray fire wey destroy many houses and also kill pipo.”

Dis na wetin one of di eyewitnesses yan.

Anoda eyewitness tell BBC say e follow go hospital after things cool down and e count 19 pipp wey wounjure from di air attack including two of im relatives.

Govnor Mai Mala Buni of Yobe say di incident dey unfortunate and di state dey mourn pipo wey lose dia lives from wetin happun and dem go also dey torchlight di mata.

Fighter jet.


Oda times airstrikes from fighter jets kill pipo for Nigeria

On 16th January 2017 aerial bombardment by Nigerian Airforce for Maiduguri, di capital of Borno state for northeastern Nigeria kill 52 pipo.

Those killed include aid workers wey dey assist displaced pipo.

Di incident cause serious reaction at di time and Nigeria Airforce comot to say na mistake cause di incident.

For 2019 na 19 pipo die for Gajigana village for same Borno state after Nigeria Airforce repel attack from alleged Boko Haram fighters.

And just recently for Port Harcourt capital of Rivers state for Southern Nigeria, fighter jet bomb wooden boat wey carry passengers with food items for August 2021.

Regarding dat incident Defence Headquarters say dem no shoot any boat with passengers but shoot boat wey dey do oil bunkering.