Pamela Uba Ireland: Miss Ireland 2021 Pamela Ashley Uba na black Irish scientist wit Nigerian parents

Pamela Uba of Ireland fit be di next Agbani Darego of Nigeria.

Ms Uba be Irish scientist wit Nigerian parents wey dem just crown Miss Ireland 2021.

“E feel amazing to be that face wey young black girls fit look at and say, ‘yes she do am, so we sef fit do am.'”

Dis na di words of 26-year-old medical scientist Pamela Uba.

She be di first black woman for history to win di title.

Di competition don dey run since 1947 but Pamela say;

E dey “crazy to imagine say na afta 74 years before anyone different win am.”

She add say “She be di first and e dey amazing – pipo dey look up to me and I never reason say I go ever dey dis kain position.”

How Pamela Uba Pageant journey start

Pamela Miss Ireland journey start for March 2020 when she dey crowned Miss Galway, just three days before di kontri first lockdown.

Pageantry no be her childhood dream but opportunity come afta one gbege for work.

She say, “I enta di pageants by accident – she bin dey work for Miss Galway competition bar.”

One of di judges bin think say she be contestant that year and encourage her to participate.

She no get any modelling experience but Pamela go ahead to win Miss Galway 2020.

Afta she win Miss Galway plus di lockdown, Pamela continue to her work for di University Hospital Galway biochemistry department. She say she no get plans to quit her work on di frontline, even wit her new title.

She say since she dey crowned Miss Ireland, na positive vibes she dey get.

“Pipo don dey supportive, dem dey happy to see us being represented and so proud to be Irish.

“I dey so blessed to know say young girls feel represented now, because dem see as I go out there to do things wey young girl go dream of to do.”

But negative comments and trolling dey too.

“I no like to dey notice of dem, I dey ignore all of that.

“Wetin dey give me joy pass na my ability to help my community and kids wey dey like me and come from di same situation like myself.”

Her next step na di 2022 Miss World competition wey go hold for Puerto Rico wey dey di Caribbean.

She dey hope to encourage young black girls to believe dem fit achieve anything.

“You dey good enough and your authenticity makes you unique.

“No put yourself in a box, please break those stereotypes and show them wetin dem dey made of.”

Who be Pamela Uba

Pamela Uba na Irish scientist and model. Dem born her for South Africa and her parents na Nigerian.

She comot for Johannesburg at di age of seven wit her familu as asylum seeker.

Di family live for direct provision centre – accommodation centre for pipo wey dey find asylum for 10 years before dem move go County Mayo.

For that time, goment dey give her mama €9 for each child every week.

“For di centre, life dey strange as we gatz depend on goment. We no fit work so na hard time for my mama that period.”

“Na very strange way to grow up, I no like make my friends to dey come my house as I no want make dem see say I dey different.” She tok.

Pamela study medical science for university and she dey work for one hospital for Galway.

“I don be frontline worker since di pandemic start and e dey crazy.