How Cow meat remain taboo for dis Delta community sake of herdsmen attacks

To sell and chop cow meat na ‘Taboo’ for Uwheru Kingdom wey dey southern Nigeria.

Dis na according to one law wey begin since take effect Saturday 22nd of February, 2020.

Uwheru Kingdom dey inside Ughelli North Local Government Area of di oil-rich Delta State.

So for dis community e no funny or normal to try to eat Suya, kilishi or beef as food.

Leaders of di community say dem put di law because of di clash between herdsmen and farmers wey dey happun for di community.

“Di reason na because human beings dey die because of cows.”

Na so di state Commissioner for Higher Education, Prof. Patrick Muoboghare wey attend di meeting tell BBC.

Dat time oga Muoboghare say di law on cow meat no be just ordinary ban but e go remain like dat indefinitely (forever).”

BBC Pidgin recently try to check on di community to know weda indigenes still dey obey di law.

Dis na afta one year and six months wey dem put dat lawwey ban di selling and eating of Cow meat.

How Cow meat remain taboo for dis Delta community sake of herdsmen attacks

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How far Uwheru Kingdom Indigenes dey obey di law afta more than one year?

Dr Ochuko Nabofa wey be indigene of Uwheru Kingdom tell BBC Pidgin say im household still dey obey di law a far e dey concern but some pesin don break am.

“Well information wey dey reach me be say some pesin don break di law but those of us wey no dey live inside di village still dey obey di law. “

“For instance me and my household and so many oda household of Uwheru indigene no dey eat cow meat because na Taboo to us,” Ochuko tok

E say inside di village dem get some pesin wey still dey trade on cow meat and those pipo still dey come to di village to sell cow meat but most pipo no dey chop.

“Although some pipo still dey buy or dey eat am but no be everybody because most pipo for di village no dey chop.”

Concerning why pipo no dey obey di law again, Ochuko Nabofa say na because of cgristianity and odas;

“Di problem wey dey Uwheru village dis days be say because of Christianity and oda tins, pipo no longer dey uphold di Taboo as dem suppose to do before.”

“For di period wey dem first put di law, pipo do burials, marriages and nobody kill cow during dat time, dem obey di law. Dem kill oda animals and use fish as Uwheru Kingdom na fishing community.”


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Recently, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association tok say one cow fit now cost like two million naira sake of di ban on open grazing wey some state for Nigeria don put.

Maikudi Usman wey bi di group Zonal secretary for South-west na im raise dis alarm for Lagos State House of Assembly public hearing on anti-open grazing bill.

Dis anti-open grazing bill dey come sake of clashes wey dey happun between farmers and herdsmen and to prevent destruction of crop farms, community ponds, settlement and property.