9/11 attack: US President Joe Biden call for unity for America on 20th anniversary of terror attack

"Biden live press conference:"

US President Joe Biden

American President Joe Biden don ask im kontri pipo to embrace unity as dem rememba di victims of di 9/11 terrorist attack.

For video wey e release one day to di 20th anniversary of di attacks, di president rememba di 2,977 pipo wey die for di attack.

Oga Biden follow thank di emergency workers wey follow respond to di attacks.

E add say, “no mata how long don pass, dis commemoration events dey bring evritin back painfully like say na just now you hear di tori”.

E gree say afta di attack, violence against Muslim Americans bin start but still press leg for ground say unity don remain di US “biggest strength”.

Wetin go happun for di 9/11 commemoration events

President Biden go visit di three sites wey dem attack with first lady Jill Biden.

Dem go come get six moments of silence for different events wey happun dat dat.

  • One moment of silence each for when di planes enta di North and South Towers of di World Trade Center.
  • One moment of silence each for when di two towers collapse.
  • One moment of silence for when plane hit di Pentagon.
  • And one moment of silence for di fourth pane wey crash for field.

How 9/11 take happun

Smoke plumes from the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center, shortly after the attack on 11 September 2001`

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Di attack bin happun for 2001, wen one group of 19 pipo hijack four US passenger planes for di eastern coast of di kontri, come use am as missiles.

Two crash enta di twin towers of di World Trade Center for New York.

One crash enta di Pentagon for just outside of di American capital, Washington DC.

Di last one land for one field wey dey near town of Shansksville for Pennsylvania as di passengers bin fight back against di hijackers.

Tori be say dat fourth plane bin dey target US Capitol Building.

Di attacks bin dey planned by al-Qaeda wey Osama Bin Laden bin dey lead from Afghanistan.

For 2011, US troops and kill Bin Laden for Pakistan, and na last month dem comot Afghanistan afta US invade di kontri following di 9/11 attack.