Why Netherland city wan let pipo change slave names free of charge

Guno Mac Intosch

Guno Mac Intosch na one of di pipo wey wan officially change im name, to Yaw

Pipo wey comot from African slaves don tell BBC say dem go change dia names afta one Dutch city make am free of charge to change am.

For Utrecht, di council decide to comot di €835 (£715) money and official gra-gra so dat pipo go fit comot dia “slave names” and get option to bear name wey show dia African descent.

Under di law Netherlands dey, di only way you go fit change your surname for free na if na yeye surname like Anus, Garlic or Naked born.

But if your name get link with di kontri colonial legacy, you go first need to do expensive mental exam on top di money you go pay.

But Linda Nooitmeer wey be di oga of di national institute for Dutch slavery history say e no dey fair to collect money even as she say Utrecht move go give pipo freedom and dia identity back.

She dey look to change her name.

Why e dey important for African slave descendants for Dutch to get dia names back

A painting shows the arrival of a Dutch slave ship with a group of African slaves for sale in Jamestown, Virginia, 1619

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Dutch ships carry slaves cross di Atlantic for more than 200 years

From 1596 to 1829, di Dutch carri pass half a million Africans to come be slaves for dia plantations.

According to Linda, dem bin treat di Africans wey dem get like cattle and di kontri become one of di last kontris to abolish slave trade for 1863.

Afta dem free di slaves, dem come give dem fake names wey bin dey tied to dia slave owners, slave plantations, or dem just join-join names of Dutch cities or words wey sound like Dutch give dem.

But dem no gree give dem normal Dutch names. Some of di nanes dem give mean Obedient, Cheap, Tame and Submission.

Linda say na reminder say dem be slaves before.

Linda Nooitmeer


One of di pipo wey decide to change im name na Yaw, wey bin go Ghana to find im African roots. E say ee go remove di Guno Mac Intosch wey dem give am di minte dem open city hall.

But some pipo say dem go keep dia Dutch name on top say to bear foreign sounding name for Netherlands fit lead to discrimination for work, housing and to find work.

Even Yaw pikin tok say im Scotissh name Mac Intosch don open door for am.

Even as our tori pesin, bin dey follow Yaw tok, na im one white pesin come attack am say, “Just becos you be black no mean say you be African, if you be African, go back wia you from come, no dey chop our benefits”.