Ashraf Ghani: Former Afghan president tok sorry for running

Ashraf Ghani


Former Afghan President Ashraf Ghani don to im kontri pipo on top di way im take run go hide for United Arab Emirates.

E say “leaving Kabul na di most difficult decision of my life and I dey sorry say I no fit make di mata end in a different way”.

Oga Ghani run comot Afghanistan as Taliban carry demself enta di capital for August 15th.

E say e bin no mean am to just abandon im pipo, but “na di only way be dat”.

E also deny accuse say im bin travel go UAE with $169 million.

For statement, wey im share for Twitter on Wednesday, Ghani say im bin no get choice but to comot di kontri so dat widespread violence no go dey.

Di 72 year old former president say im go gist pipo about di “events wey make me run” for later date. Dis nas oda Afghan politicians don come yab am badly on top im departure.

For Facebook live on August 18, Ghani say im security team force am to comot di kontri on top say “chance bin dey say dem go capture and kill me”.

E say wen di Taliban enta presidential palace for Kabu, “dem bin dey find me from room to room.”

Mr Ghani say e bin no fit carry any money with am to run as “dem no even allow me comot my sandals to wea shoe”.

Earlier dis week, di Taliban bin announce an all male goment to rule di kontri for now.

On Wednesday, plenti women for Kabul and north-eastern Afghan province of Badakhshan start to dey protest against di new cabinet say dem no go accept goment wey women no dey inside.