September 11 attacks: Wetin happun dat day and di next day

Smoke plumes from the twin towers of New York's World Trade Center, shortly after the attack on 11 September 2001`

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On Tuesday 11 September 2001 suicide attackers seize US passenger jets come crash inside two New York skyscrapers wey kill thousands of pipo.

Dis 2001 attacks don become one di worst attacks for America.

Wetin dem bin dey target?

One small team of hijackers bin seize control of four planes wey bin dey fly ova eastern US at di same time.

Dem come carry di plane use am as missiles to crash big-big buildings dem for New York and Washington.

Two planes bin crash di Twin Towers for di World Trade Center for New York.

E take less that 20 minutes between di crash for di North Tower and di crash for di South Tower.

Di buildings bin catch fire wey hook pipo for di upper floors, and chook di pipo di city for serious smoke.

In less than two hours di two towers don collapse pata-pata.

Afta di World Trade Center, di third plane bin crash and destroy di western side of di pentagon.

Di fourth bin crash for one field for Pennsylvania afta di passengers bin fight back di hijackers. Tori be say dem bin wan use dat plane crash enta di Capitol Building for Washington DC.

Civilians flee as a tower of the World Trade Center collapses September 11, 2001

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New Yorkers as dem dey run from di attacks

How many pipo die?

In all, na 2,977 pipo (wey no include di 19 hijackers) die for di incident and di most numbers come from New York.

Dem include:

  • All di 246 passengers and crew numbers wey bin dey di four planes die
  • For Twin Towers, 2,606 pipo die, for di place or later because of dia wound
  • For Pentagon, 125 pipo die

When di first plane attack, 17,400 pipo bin dey di Twin Towers. While no pesin survive di North attack, 18 pipo escape di South Tower attack.

Citizens from 77 kontris die for di attack and New York City lose 441 of di first responders.

Thousands odas bin injure or later get diseases dem wey relate to di attacks.

Ruins of the twin towers, two days after the attack.

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Who be di attackers?

One Islamist extremist group wey dem bin call al-Qaeda plan di attacks from Afghanistan with Osama Bin Laden as dia leader.

Dem bin blame America sat na dem cause all di gbas-gbos wey bin dey happun for di Muslim World.

Nineteen pipo na im cari out di hijacking for three groups of five and one group of four.

For di groups, one pesin bin get pilot training for flying schools for inside America gan-gan.

Fifteen of di hijackers bin dey like Bin Laden all Saudis. While two come from United Arab Emirates and one come from Egypt while di remaining one come from Lebanon.

How di US take ansa?

Almost one month later, President George W. Bush invade Afghanistan with international collabo to take wipe al-Qaeda pata-pata and get Bin Laden.

But no be until 2011 dem finally capture and kill Bin Laden for nearby Pakistan.

Di pesin wey tori be say plan di 9/11 attacks, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad bin dey arrested for 2003. E currently dey Guantanamo Bay dey wait trial.

Al-Qaeda still dey around. Currently dem strong pass for sub-Saharan African, but dem even get members for Afghanistan.

American troops comot Afghanistan dis year afta almost 20 years and e spark fear say di Islamist group fit come back.

Tributes to the dead of 9-11

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Pictures of di pipo wey die for di attacks wey happun for 11 September 2001, for di 9/11 museum for New York

Wetin 9/11 don teach?

In di years afta 9/11, kontris around di world don tighten dia flight safety afta 9/11.

For America, dem create di Transportation Security Administration to take increase security for airports and planes.

E take eight months to clean “Ground Zero” wey be wia di Twin Towers bin fall.

One memorial and museum now dey for di site and buildings don start to dey come again but for different design.

Di building wey now dey dia One World Trade Center or “Freedom Tower”, dey taller that original Twin Towers.

E no reach a year sha before dem finish construction for di Pentagon and staff enta back office for August 2002.