JOHESU: Wetin Nigerian health workers dey expect from meeting wit goment today

Student doctor wey dey prepare injection for patients

Na student don doctor dey attend to patients for LASUTH

Di Joint Health Sector Union (JOHESU) dey expect beta result from dia meeting wit di Nigeria goment on Tuesday, September 7.

Di National President of di union, Josiah Bioblemonye, tell BBC Pidgin say, “we dey expect di minster to tell us say di president don give approval for di implementation of di consolidated medical salary structure.”

Oga Bioblemonye, say dis na result wey dem dey expect unless goment “dey plan to threaten us tomorrow wit ‘no work, no pay’ or say dem go cari us go court.”

JOHESU do collabo wit di Assembly of Healthcare Professional Assembly (AHPA), give di Nigeria federal goment three weeks to solve dia demand or dem go close down di whole health sector from September 17.

Di Nigeria health sector already dey suffer seriously becos di National Association of Resident Doctors dey strike.

With di two join body threat to go on strike, e means say katakata for di Nigeria health sector fit get major k-leg.

But di JOHESU president say, “dem no happy to do tins like dis becos we sabi say na di masses go suffer am”.

Na since 2014 dem don dey make dia demand from di goment, di demand bin dey 18 but over di years “we reduce am to five,” im add.

For September 2017, di presido say “goment promise us dem go solve di problem of consolidated salary inside five week. But till today, notin.”

“We believe say di 15 days ultimatum go dey enough for goment to ansa us.”

Who be JOHESU and APHA?

JOHESU and APHA make up about 95% of all di workers wey dey di health system, whether dem be accountants or ordinary cleaner, minus doctors.

JOHESU na union of five oda unions, including National association of Nigeria Nurses and Midwives, Nigeria Union of Allied Health Professionals, Medical and Health Workers Union of Nigeria and Non-Academic Staff Union of Universities.

Meanwhile, APHA na association of all di workers for di health sector, minus doctors.

Why dem wan strike?

Im add say, dis matter don dey go on since even before di pandemic.

Inside letter wey di two groups write give di Nigeria Minister of Health, di groups say dem dey go on strike becos di Nigerian goment no send di welfare of dia members at all, even though dem don complain many times.

Part of di tins wey di union dey strike for include:

  • di adjustment of di consolidated medical salary structure;
  • payment of slalries wey dem dey owe staff of Federal Medical Centre, Owerri; Jos Teaching Hospital and Lagos Teaching Hospital;
  • review how goment take dey implement Covid-19 special inducement and hazard allowance;
  • to implement di increase for dia retirement age from 60-65 for consultant health professionals and;
  • Payment of reviewed hazard allowance.