Kaduna, Katsina and Zamfara ban markets, close roads plus oda new rules dem bring to stop bandits

Katsina na di latest state for north-western Nigeria to announce closure of some roads among oda tins wey dem feel say go helep stop insecurity for di region after Kaduna and Zamfara states.

Kaduna state alone on Sunday witness about four different attacks wey lead to loss of lives including Senator Bala Ibn na Allah pikin, Captain Abdulkarim Bala.

For both Zamfara and Katsina states gunmen attack don become almost daily affair. For example on Sunday gunmen kill 11 pipo and sack pipo from Dan Kumeji village.

Na same tori for Zamfara state as just last week gunmen kidnap about 60 pipo from Rini village for for di state.

‘Goment don fail us’

Dis development na wetin make popular Islamic cleric Nuru Khalid say goment at all levels don fail pipo. E also add say, e put imself join for di blame as e suppose dey teach im followers di importance of life.

“Dem dey kill pipo like fowls everyday and nobody dey do anything. Goments for every level don fail, I put myself join for di blame because I suppose to also dey teach my followers importance of life.”

Apart from closure of some markets and roads, di one wey go also affect many across di region na di closure of di tokunbo motorcycle market wey dey Chiranchi for Katsina state.

Sani Abu na pesin wey dey do business for di place and e tell BBC Pidgin say, closure of dat single market get serious effect on millions of pipo.

“Dis our market for Chiranchi na place wey millions dey benefit from, na di only confam place for tokunbo motorcycle for di whole of northern Nigeria and pipo all di way from Niger Republic dey come here come buy, so dis ban go affect many lives and families wella.”

Queue for one fuel station

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Some oda tins wey Kaduna Zamfara and Katsina ban

Cattle transport ban – For Katsina di goment don ban any type of cattle transport from di state to any oda place.

Fuel for jerrycan – All di three states agree for dis one as dem say make fuel stations no sell fuel for jerry can again.

Birnin Gwari market ban – Dis market for Kaduna na popular weekly market wey dey serve Birnin Gwari pipo wey plenti and dia neighbours.

Talata Mafara market ban – Dis popular Tuesday market dey serve not only pipo for Zamfara state but even neighbouring Sokoto and Kebbi state.