Kabul Afghan latest update: Fotos of happenings in Kabul airport as US finish withdrawal

Kabul airport today


US military complete dia withdrawal from Afghanistan shortly afta midnight on Tuesday 31 August, 2021.

After 20 years of fighting, di South Asian kontri is now dey under Taliban rule.

General Frank McKenzie wey oversee di pull-out say di US and dia friends manage to evacuate some 123,000 civilians.

Shortly after di US sojas finally move, heavy gunfire dey reported insided di Afghan capital, Kabul, as pro-Taliban forces celebrate.

Kabul Afghan latest update: Fotos of happenings in Kabul airport, as US finish withdrawal

US soldiers for Kabul airport (file pic)

As di last American plane fly out, gunfire wey be like jubilation begin ring out for Kabul airport.

And reports of oda Taliban celebrations in di streets also happun.

General McKenzie say di cost of di US Afghan mission don dey high, with more than 2,400 US service personnel killed since 2001.

With di Americans gone, dis fit be now a new, uncertain period for women, children, and human rights supporters under Taliban rule.

Watch the moment the US declares it has left Afghanistan
The British Broadcasting Corporation

Meanwhile, US say dia anti-missile system for Kabul don catch up to five rockets wey dey fired towards di capital airport.

E dey happun one day before dem complete dia evacuation operation.

Several rockets na im dey fired for Kabul airport on Monday.

Militants of Islamic State – Khorasam don claim responsibility say na di group dey behind di attack.

Kabul Afghan latest update: Fotos of happenings in Kabul airport, as US finish withdrawal

Getty Images
C17 leave Kabul

One US official tell Reuters news agency say initial reports no show say any US bin fall as casualty.

On top di drone strike wey happun for Kabul on Sunday, US say dem dey investigate reports wey say civilians dey killed for di drone strike.

Taliban stand guard near one vehicle wey dem bin use to fire rockets for di Hamid Karzai International Airport inside Kabul, Afghanistan, 30 August 2021.

Kabul Afghan latest update: Fotos of happenings in Kabul airport as US finish withdrawal


US officials say dem bin dey target one vehicle wey carry at least one pesin wey dey associated wit one Afghan branch of di Islamic State (IS) group.

Motor wey alleged suicide bomber use


Bust social media suggest say plenty civilians wey include children die for di mission.

Pipo die as US scata bomber plan


“We dey aware of reports of civilian casualties wey happun afta our strike on one vehicle for Kabul today.”

US Central Command spokesman Capt Bill Urban na im tok.

“We understand say large and powerful explosions na im comot afta we destrou di vehicle wey show say di amount of explosive material inside di motor plenty wey fit don lead to additional casualties.”

“E neva clear wetin happun and we still dey torchlight di mata. We dey deeply sad to di loss of innocent life”.

BBC bin understand say di US drone wey strike for Kabul yesterday wey dey target one alleged suicide bomber bin kill 10 memebers of one family, wey include six children.

Ramin Yousufi, one relative of di victims, tell BBC say di children wey die dey between di ages of four and 12.

E say di family dey known for their charitable work for di last two decades, and say dem no get anything to do wit di Islamic State.



Meanwhile one plane wey carry medicines and other supplies from di World Health Organization bin land Kabul for di first time since di Taliban take over di city.

Ahmed Al Mandhari, WHO regional director for di Mediterranean, say di organization don dey “able to partially refill stocks” for di Afghan health facilities and ensure say WHO-supported health services fit continue.

Di WHO say di 12.5 tonnes of supplies wey land on Monday fit cover di basic health needs of over 200,000 pipo plus 3,500 surgical procedures and 6,500 trauma patients.