Nigerian Defence Academy Kidnap: NDA attack force sleep out of our eyes – Afaka community

Nigerian Defence Academy host community [Afaka, Kaduna] pipo say since Tuesday attack dem no dey sleep with dia two eyes closed.

One official of Afaka Development Community tok how di Nigerian Defence Academy attack dey affect e community.

Tasiu Musa say na for di Afaka area of dem born am nearly 40 years ago na dia e dey live ever since.

Musa tell BBC News Pidgin say Tuesday attack leave bad taste for di community.

Dis na because dia pride be say dem dey feel safe because of di college. E tok.

“Since after dis attack on NDA we no dey fit sleep with two eyes closed for Afaka because presence of di college dey make us feel safe.

“But if gunmen fit attack di number one military training centre for di whole kontri wetin e mean for ordinary pipo?”

“Dis na di third major attack for Afaka after airport and College of Forestry.

“And I go tell you say our biggest problem be say our area dey surrounded by Buruku and Airport forest wey lead to oda states outside Kaduna.

“So di best thing na to secure the bushes wey dey near us.”

Tasiu also yan say dia Vigilante members wey dey about 50 in number dey put in extra effort especially after di NDA attack.

Finally, e also tok about di fact say dia work for Afaka Development Community na to try dia best to helep improve development for di area in terms of education and infrastructure.

Nigerian Defence Academy Kidnap: NDA attack force sleep out of our eyes - Afaka community

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Nigerian Army soldiers

Nigerian Defence Academy Kidnap: No update on Major Christopher Datong

Nigeria Defence Academy and Nigeria Defence Headquarters neva comot tok anything on di situation of Major Christopher Datong wey gunmen kidnap after dem attack di college.

BBC News Pidgin make efforts to hear from di college about wetin dey happun.

But tok tok pesin Major Bashir Jajira no respond to calls or text messages.

Pipo wan know wetin happun to di abducted major especially after some reports on Wednesday say something bad don happun to am.