Milk crates challenge: Wetin be dis crate challenge wey don go viral? – See explanation

‘Milk crate challenge’ don begin go viral for social media all ova di world.

Di “Milk Crate Challenge” first start for TikTok and now e don dey enta oda social platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Experts for America wia di challenge don sama warning say dis new trend wey dey unsafe.

Di overcrowding of U.S. emergency rooms sake of di COVID-19 make dem cut di warning.

Dem say dis na disaster wey dey wait to happen.

For Nigeria, concern citizens don begin dey sama warning give pipo wey dey plan to join di challenge.

As at 24 August resident doctors for di kontri dey on strike and health insurance no dey for everi-one.

Milk Crate challenge: Wetin di challenge dey all about?

Di challenge wey start for United State of America involve climbing up empty milk crates.

Dem dey arrange creates on top each oda like staircase but e dey dangerous because di participant fit fall.

Di arrangement of di milk crate go dey like pyramid and di participant need to successfully waka.

Di challenger gatz move from di beginning of one side go reach down of di oda side before dem go win either money prize.

Videos of pipo both young and old wey dey partake for dis challenge don full everywhere for social media.

Even funny memes of pipo wey fall or not dey successful to complete di challenge dey trend for internet.

So far for dis new challenge only few pipo don manage to truly climb to di top.

Also few na im don complete di pile of empty milk crate wey form di pyramid or staircase.

Some pesin wey don master di act to climb di pyramid dey even use high heels waka through di crate.

Some deY use bicycle take clime sef.

But as di trend dey go viral, a lot of pipo dey concern about di injury wey di stunt fit lead to.

And some of which be breaking of back, legs arms and odas serious injuries.

Who start di milk crate challenge?

According to Know Your Meme, di milk crate challenge begin over one week ago.

Dat na wen one video wey dem post on 13th August show some pipo inside one park dey try di challenge.

Pipo share di video on Facebook and soon e go viral. E come later enta TikTok and di trend begin.