Ibrahim Babangida: IBB tok about corruption, reveal wetin for happen for June 12 and oda highpoints of im interview


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Former Military Head of State, General Ibrahim Babaginda say coup for happen for Nigeria if to say dem announce di result of di June 12 presidential election.

Di former Head of State tok dis one among oda tins for im interview wit Arise Television on Friday.

Gen. Babangida wey pipo know as IBB say di coup for dey bloody and e for destabilize Nigeria.

June 12 Presidential elections 1993 election na di first afta di 1983 military coup for Nigeria.

Di election bin involve two parties, di Social Democratic Party (SDP) and di National Republican Convention (NRC).


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General Babangida bin take office for 1985

Moshood Kashimawo Abiola (MKO) run for di SDP while Bashir Tofa run for NRC – even though international and local observers declare say di election na di freest and fairest, di military Head of State den cancel di election ontop allegation of wuru-wuru and mago-mago.

“If to sey we allow June 12 happen e for cause violence.

“If to say we no use maradonic way, coup for don happun. A bloody coup wey for give room for instability,” Ibrahim Babangida tok.

Di former Head of State also say corruption dey worse under civilian goment than wetin happen during di military era.

IBB tok about how im tackle one military governor sake of N313,000 embezzlement during im time, adding say corruption dey worse under civilian rule.

According to Gen. Babangida think we be saints compared to wetin dey happun now. You no fit compare us wit wetin dey happen for democracy.”

Oda tins wey IBB tok

Former military Head of State General Ibrahim Babangida for di one hour interview address plenty issues wey cover economy, insecurity, restructuring, politics and di 2023 presidential election.

IBB say before Nigeria finally enter democratic rule in 1999 afta years of military intervention sake of riots and kasala wey dey happun for different parts of di kontri.

Before Biafra war: Di former Head of state say Nigeria bin get lot of problems before the civil war “protests dey happen, riots and instability in many places. These na incidents wey culminate into di civil war.”

On how Nigerians want to be governed: Im say political elites adopt western style instead of wetin we use to know our selves. “Pipo bin dey relate well with one anda regardless of tribe but di political class no gree maintain dat tradition.”

On security: Di former President say im believe say Nigeria military get wetin e take to tackle banditry and di insecurity wey dey challenge di kontri.

“I think di problem na leadership. Dia be disconnect between leadership and followership. We no get core values for di kontri again. Wen we dey for military, di unity of Nigeria and federation na settled issues.”

On Agitations (Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho): Im say nothing dey wrong to agitate but e depend on wetin pipo dey agitate for.

“Nigeria agree to become one nation over 50 years ago and we don get 500 conferences on top wetin concern our unity. Wetin we suppose to dey tok about now na how to strengthen di unity as a federating unit.”

On restructuring: Im say restructuring for am na to ensure say di lowest arm of goment wey be di local councils get enough support to drive development.

On 2023: IBB say Nigerians go make a choice about di kain leader wey dem want. E sey electorates need to decide either dem wan practice democracy or na oda tins.

“I get belief sey Nigeria fit produce a good leader. A nationalist wey blends well wit every ethnic group. Someone wey know at least one person in every part of si country. A person wey fit bring development and a politician. I don see three of such persons already.”